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Ambitious memorial proposed for Christchurch victims

A leading Australian Islamic group has proposed an ambitious plan for a memorial to the March 15 terror attack response.

The concept plan for the memorial is to “capture the legacy of how New Zealanders all came together as one,” Scoop reported. “It would celebrate how New Zealanders, regardless of faith, came together,” Mustafa Farouk, the president of New Zealand Federation of Islamic Associations (FIANZ), said. “It could provide a space where this idea would be celebrated and discussed. It could be a place for conferences and somewhere families can sit down and contemplate.” FIANZ has drawn up plans to the March 15 terror attack response which include a large ornamental water feature, a playground, and a conference center.

The concept plan had been presented to embassy staff from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, along with with Jewish, Mormon and Anglican leaders in New Zealand.

Source: News Agencies


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