Friday 7 October 2022 \


Aeromobile to be launched in Kazakhstan

Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan announced about plans to create a "hybrid of car and airplane" International News Agency "Kazinform" reports.

"These technologies are beyond our understanding, but the same drones that were a fantasy several years ago are already a reality. They are actively used to deliver mail to remote areas, to take pictures of the terrain and other purposes. We need to develop appropriate amendments to the legislation regulating the flights of drones. So far, what is not regulated, is prohibited," the statement of the Ministry said.

The ministry believes that in order to determine what to be considered a full-fledged aircraft, one needs to provide rules for its use in the urban environment. The department stressed that highly qualified specialists will be required to solve such problems.

"Within the framework of the new structure, it is possible to create a special department for working with drones, to invite the world's leading experts for training and certification, so that it will be possible to use advantageous drones for patrolling areas, forest fires, etc," experts stressed.


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