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8 British Muslims Arrive Madinah on Bicycles for Hajj

After a long journey through 17 countries, eight British Muslim pilgrims arrived in Madinah Saturday on bicycles to perform Hajj, MEM reported.

“The journey is spiritual, and despite its difficulties, it remains one of the most wonderful trips,” the leader of the pilgrims’ team, Taher Akhtar, told Al-Arabiya TV channel.

The group, who call themselves the “Tour de Hajj”, kicked off their journey on June 7 and it was expected to take 60 days.

They pedaled through 17 different countries, with only a break to cross Syria and Iraq to reach Egypt by plane.

They aimed at raising awareness and funds for needy Muslims across the world for building mosques and schools.

According to the local newspaper Okaz, the people of Medina welcomed the British pilgrims chanting “Tala’ al Badru ‘Alayna,” forcing the pilgrims to burst into tears; they thanked God for their safety, following a 6,500 km journey.

The British pilgrims will complete their journey from Madinah to Makkah to begin the rituals of Hajj.


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