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5 billion rubles to be spent on Crimean Mosque construction

A grandious project for which Crimean Muslims have waited for 10 years, construction of the biggest mosque is underway in Simferopol, Russia's Crimea.
Construction of the religious complex which promises to become the main Muslim abode of the Crimea began in 2016 and will cost about 5 billion rubles (USD87mln).
The mosque will be constructed in Crimea’s capital, which Crimean Tatars refer to as Akmescit and Russians as Simferopol.
“The worship venue will be built in an area of 2,500 square meters, and, together with the courtyard and the fountain, it will cover 5,000 square meters,” Crimea Autonomous Republic Grand Mufti Emir Ali Ablayev said, adding that “about 10,000 Muslims will be able to worship at the same time.”
He said the mosque would be called the Friday Mosque.
Funds for the construction of the Muslim temple are provided by several benefactors, who wished to remain anonymous and are not disclosed.
The mosque is built on the southern hill of Simferopol, near the reservoir. The project includes two parts: the main building (37 by 37 meters in size) with a dome of 28 meters high, an office building, a parking lot and an inner courtyard with colonnades and shadirwan (place for ablution). The mosque will have four minarets, each 50 meters high. The main dome will weigh about 200 tons, all the load must be calculated so that the building is reliable and durable.
Also under the mosque there will be a large room in which the Museum of Islamic Culture of the Crimea will be located. Classes and study rooms are planned under the mosque, where everyone can get knowledge on Islam, in the administrative building there will be a conference hall where educational events will take place.
According to Ervin Kerimov, Head of the Construction and land issues department of the Crimean Muftiate, the future religious construction has "colossal significance" not only in religious terms, but also for the entire nation. "We have never had on the peninsula the main mosque of the Crimea. We are lucky to witness how this unique object is being built," Kerimov explained. According to him, there are special requirements for the construction of the facility, but there is no problem that people who do not profess Islam work at the construction site. 
"We have business relations, but there are restrictions: we do not allow drinking alcohol, we can not smoke at the site, this is required by religious and construction norms, and we do not eat pork here," said the representative of the Muftiate.
An international team of more than 100 people is working on two shifts at the site. Andrei Bradesku, Head of the division of the company that performs concrete work, prior to working here built a stadium in Rostov for the 2018 World Cup. From there he brought a team, in which there are representatives of different faiths. "This is unusual project, there is awe in the soul when doing this work. My team has Belarusians, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Moldovans, Russians, people from Turkey, who explain some nuances, we all find a common language," Bradesku said. 
The architect Inessa Naumova said that the location of the mosque was chosen very carefully, with the objective of its accessibility in mind. "I believe that there is a need in the mosque. I think that the mosque will fit into the architecture of the city. This is a large-scale object for Muslims, all of us gave our best: we tried to make the mosque not small, not modest, but so grandiose", - the architect added. 
The opening of the mosque is scheduled for April 2019. 

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