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tariqah in Dagestan

Biography of Tatar Sheikh Muhammad-Zakir al-Chistawi (Kamalov) in the Arabic-language manuscripts

For many centuries Tatar literature grew and developed within the framework of a single common Islamic culture in close relations with the Arab, Persian and Turkish cultures.
The Muslims of the Volga and the Urals were closely included in the orbit of the Muslim life of the Middle East, which also affected the genre composition of Tatar Muslim literature, absorbing the best features of the Arab-Muslim literary tradition.

The Last Letter of Sayfullah-Qadi to Hassan-Efendi

The Last Letter of Sayfullah-Qadi to Hassan-Efendi

Murshid of Naqshbandi and Shazali tariqas Shaykh Hassan-Efendi has noted down in his book Talkhis al-ma’arif: “The written heritage left by Shaykh Sayfullah-Qadi (1850-1919) contains a letter addressed to me. This is his farewell message he had sent to me before he died.” May Allah bestow upon us a better life, may His divine light shine upon the tomb of our Sayyid Sayfullah and may He make our deceased Sayyid the preparer of our way to the paradise.


Shaykh Hassan-Afandi al-Kahibi - a knower of the revealed and the concealed

To be entitled to fully estimate the meaning of such an outstanding personality as Shaykh Hassan-Afandi al-Kahibi, one should first exceed the latter in his knowledge.

Due to our scarce knowledge in comparison to that of the Shaykh and thus our unworthiness to write about him, we can merely mention some facts from his life in our striving to please Allah and His Messenger. In this article the least thing we can do is to tell about the great teachers and masters who nourished the knowledge and the character of Hassan-Afandi, to describe his spiritual legacy and to cite what the theologians of the past and the present used to say about the Shaykh.


Reminiscence of Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

The best of you are those who, when others see them, they are reminded of Allah - Hadith.

            The 28th of August in the year 2012. On that day many people cried. Old people cried, who were already over 90 years old, children and women cried, even strong young men cried, who would not have shown their tears, even if their parents had died. One of my friends told me that the father of someone he knows is still crying, and nobody can calm him. Another of my good friends said that his little niece and nephew cried like they would have had their father died.


Shaykh Said Afandi's interview for a satellite TV channel broadcasting to Arab states.

In September, 2007 guests from Moscow visited Shaykh Said Afandi (may Allah bless his soul). They asked the shaykh to give an interview for a film about Dagestani Muslims. The film was originally prepared in Arabic language for transmission by a satellite channel to Arab states; the aim of this project is to tell Muslims of the world about Islam in Russia. The shaykh agreed to give an interview, and although the questions and answers were oriented more to the Arabs, we think that it will also be interesting for our readers.


Everything is up to a person

Speech by Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi on the Ulama Majlis in Chirkey on January, 1, 2005.

Dear brothers in faith! Praise be to Allah, who granted us these ulama, all these talented young men! We simply are not good enough at shukru, i.e. being thankful to Allah. And it is almost impossible to express the gratitude for everything we have heard from our ulama today. The previous Majlis was good, too. They say, if there is an advice-asker, there is always an advice-giver. Allah gave us these people who can teach us something useful. May He grant us the ability to learn it!


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