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Unemployment threaten Palestinians’ ability to feed their families

Source : MiddleEastMonitor with WAFA / 01 May 2014

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas should permanently join the International Labour Organisation and sign all its conventions, Secretary General of Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) Shaher Sa'ad said yesterday.


Israel Demolished 90 Houses and demolished 191

Source : WAFA / 16 Apr 2014

Center of Information concerning Israeli Settlement and Apartheid Wall Affairs highlighted Monday the escalating pace at which house demolitions  are carried out and demolition notices are served since the beginning of the current year of 2014.


First women joining Palestinian commando unit

Source : AP / 09 Apr 2014

Palestinian women in combat fatigues and headscarves rappelled down a six-story tower, fired assault rifles at imaginary terrorists and in a drill straight out of the movies bundled a would-be VIP into a car and sped off after a shooting.


Ministry of Education Addresses “Horizon 2020” Program

Source : WAFA / 08 Apr 2014

Ministry of Education and Higher Education Sunday held a seminar in Al-Quds Open University to address “Horizon 2020,” a European Union sponsored program aiming at boosting scientific research and innovation.


On Palestinian Children Day, Half of Population under 18

Source : WAFA / 07 Apr 2014

Marking the occasion of Palestinian Children Day on April 5, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) Thursday said that children under the age of 18 make up almost 2 million of a total 4.29 million Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Analysis: Demolishing homes, demolishing peace

By Jeff Halper / Ma'an News /28 Mar 2014

The "Judaization" of Jerusalem and the West Bank continues apace, despite (and in fact because of) the so-called "Kerry initiative." 


Palestinians seek to drill for oil in West Bank

Source : AP / 19 Mar 2014

The Palestinian Authority on Tuesday announced plans to explore for oil in the West Bank, throwing a new element of uncertainty and confusion into troubled U.S.-backed peace efforts.


Palestinian shepherds bitter at rise in Israeli demolitions

By Allyn Fisher-Ilan / Reuters / 14 Mar 2014

Palestinian shepherd Mahmoud Ka’abneh has squeezed his family of 12 into a neighbor’s hut on a hilly desert oasis since an Israeli bulldozer turned his own flimsy dwelling into a pile of stones and twisted metal.

“They showed up at dawn and threatened to arrest me if I didn’t vacate the house immediately. They wouldn’t give me time to remove our personal belongings,” Ka’abneh, 43, said.


Palestinian women join West Bank anti-riot police

Source : AFP / 10 Mar 2014

Instructors bark orders to a column of Palestinian women recruited to an anti-riot unit, part of an effort to tackle problems caused by conservative attitudes in the West Bank force, AFP reported.


Israeli settlement construction doubles in 2013

Source: Al Jazeera and Agencies / 05 Mar 2014

The number of Israeli settlements being started in the West Bank more than doubled during 2013, the Israel central bureau of statistics has said.

The bureau said work began on 2,534 new housing units in the settlements in 2013, compared to 1,133 in 2012.


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