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Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt to ban violence against women: PM

Source : Siasat / 08 Jul 2014

Egyptian Prime Minister yesterday vowed to ban all kinds of violence against women with the help of a new and tougher law enforced in the country.

Ibrahim Mahlab said his government will strongly confront any attempt of violence against women with the help of law, during a conference of launching "national strategy plan against violence" held here.


Political Islam Without Oil

By Thomas L. Friedman : The New York Times | Cairo | 10 Jan 2012

With the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the even more puritanical Salafist Al Nour Party having stunned both themselves and Egyptians by garnering more than 60 percent of the seats in Egypt’s parliamentary elections, we’re about to see a unique lab test for the Middle East: What happens when political Islam has to wrestle with modernity and globalization without oil?


After the spring, the thaw: Egypt

By Alastair Beach|| 28 Dec 2011

A week ago last Saturday, as scores of protesters fled across the Nile away from a charging squadron of khaki-clad military policemen, the Arab Spring seemed to have come full circle in faintly Orwellian fashion.


Divide between Islamists, liberals still threatens to splinter Egypt revolution

By Ernesto Londoño : The Washington Post / Cairo / 26 Nov 2011

Days after Egyptians drove their longtime president from power in February, Mohammad Tolba ordered a latte at an upscale coffeehouse and waited to see whether his scraggly beard was still radioactive in the new Egypt.


Could Muslim Brotherhood Take Over Egypt?

Source : Mohamed Elshinnawi | VOA
Cairo | 24 May 2011

As political Islam grows as a force in post-revolution Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is forming its first political party and getting ready for a good showing in upcoming parliamentary elections. And this has liberal and secular parties scrambling.


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