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After the spring, the thaw: Egypt

By Alastair Beach|Independent.co.uk| 28 Dec 2011

A week ago last Saturday, as scores of protesters fled across the Nile away from a charging squadron of khaki-clad military policemen, the Arab Spring seemed to have come full circle in faintly Orwellian fashion.


Divide between Islamists, liberals still threatens to splinter Egypt revolution

By Ernesto Londoño : The Washington Post / Cairo / 26 Nov 2011

Days after Egyptians drove their longtime president from power in February, Mohammad Tolba ordered a latte at an upscale coffeehouse and waited to see whether his scraggly beard was still radioactive in the new Egypt.


Artistic Treasures

By Muhammad Habib /Haj and Umra magazine/Jeddah/June 2009

The mosque and madrasa of Sultan Hassan in Cairo are one of the largest Islamic religious buildings in the world.

Egypt undoubtedly is an ancient country, full of artistic treasures. Two such are the mosque and madrasa (religious school) of Sultan Hassan and the Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque.

The mosque and madrasa of Sultan Hassan in Cairo are one of the largest Islamic religious buildings in the world. Built between 1356 and 1363 by the Mamluk ruler Sultan Hassan, the scale of the mosque is so colossal that it nearly emptied the treasury according to the Sacred Destinations website.


Debating Post-Revolution Islamic State

CAIRO - As election season approaches in Tunisia and Egypt, many debates are going in the Arab region on the nature of an expected Islamic state that will succeed decades of despotism and suppression of authoritarian and ostensibly secular governments.

“That's the struggle of the future,” Azzam Tamimi, a scholar and the author of a biography of a Tunisian Islamist, Rachid Ghannouchi, told The New York Times on Friday, September 30.


Turkish PM opens Yunus Emre Culture Center in Cairo

Source : Anadoly Agency | Cairo / 15 Sept 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has highlighted importance of the general election in Egypt scheduled for November 2011, adding, "I believe that a democratic parliamentary system will emerge with people's will.

The transition process may naturally have some difficulties. You need to be patient. You will reach prosperity in the end."

Erdogan inaugurated the new building of the Yunus Emre Culture Center in Cairo as part of his visit to Egypt.


Could Muslim Brotherhood Take Over Egypt?

Source : Mohamed Elshinnawi | VOA
Cairo | 24 May 2011

As political Islam grows as a force in post-revolution Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is forming its first political party and getting ready for a good showing in upcoming parliamentary elections. And this has liberal and secular parties scrambling.


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