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World Hijab Day: Muslims debate where the headscarf belongs

By Ilene Prusher | Correspondent | 04 Sept 2012

The roots of "World Hijab Day" were planted on this day in 2002, marking the day that France banned the wearing of the headscarf in schools. Ten years later, the presence of the veil in public life remains a lighting rod issue, from Europe to the Middle East to Asia. 


Siemens turns away headscarved internship applicant

Source : Agencies | 18 Jun 2012

A Siemens plant in İstanbul’s Kartal district reportedly refused to hire a young woman as an intern because of her headscarf.


The hijab has liberated me from society's expectations of women

Source : The Guardian | 29 May 2012

When you think of the hijab, you probably don't think "political". Or "independent". Or "empowered". Feminist? Certainly not – feminism is far better known for burnt bras and slut-walks than headscarves.

There is much misunderstanding about how women relate to their hijab. Some, of course, choose the headcover for religious reasons, others for culture or even fashion.


Lift the Niqab Ban

By Asad Latif | Iviews | 9 Feb 2012

In many nations, Niqab has been banned. And there is a growing apprehension in some others that it should be banned, citing various reasons - ranging from security threat to women's oppression. They look over it condescendingly, misconstruing that it oppresses women.


My Hijab, My Identity, My Freedom

By Khalida Jamilah |Source:

Female teenagers tend to define themselves by physical appearance like fashion, hairstyle, favorite music, or the most up-to-date gadget like iPad. Popular culture celebrities, especially those who come from Hollywood or appear in their favorite Disney channel become an idol for most of American teenagers.


A Japanese Woman's Experience of Hijab



Source:By Nakata Khaula/

When I reverted to Islam, the religion of our inborn nature, a fierce debate raged about girls observing the hijab at schools in France. It still does. The majority, it seemed, thought that wearing the headscarf was contrary to the principle that public - that is state-funded - schools should be neutral with regard to religion.



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