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What is the Ruling on Cutting the Hair and Nails during Dhul Hijjah?

By Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan / 28 May 2013


What is the ruling regarding shaving or clipping the nails during the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah, does it just apply to those going on Hajj?


WHO to help Saudi Arabia investigate coronavirus before haj

Source : Reuters / 25 May 2013

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that it would help Saudi Arabia dig deeper into deadly outbreaks of a new SARS-like virus to draw up advice ahead of the annual haj pilgrimage, which attracts millions of Muslims.


Asian arrivals helping set new Umrah record

By Irfan Mohammed / 23 Mar 2013

A large number of Umrah pilgrims arriving from Asian countries this week are about to set a new record.

The Ministry of Haj has indicated that more than 6 million pilgrims are likely to come for Umrah this year, up from 5.5 million last year.

The season opened on Dec. 14 last year, and will close on Aug. 22.


More than 6 million Umrah pilgrims expected this year

Source : Arab news / 16 Feb 2013

Over six million Umrah pilgrims are expected in Saudi Arabia this year, one million more than last year, said Minister of Haj Bandar bin Mohammed Al-Hajjar, in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency yesterday.

“The number of Umrah pilgrims is expected to cross the one million mark in the month of Ramadan alone. An average of 400,000 pilgrims are arriving every month this season,”said Al-Hajjar.


Preserving spiritual gains from Haj

Source : IslamWeb | 09 Nov 2012

Allah the Almighty legislated acts of worship and obedience for great wisdom and sublime objectives. They strengthen one’s faith, purify soul, correct the attitude and refine the morals. If acts of worship do not achieve these objectives, then the Muslim would not benefit from them properly. In such a case, acts of worship might turn into lifeless rituals that one performs without any actual influence on his reality and attitude.


Signs of a Mabroor Haj

Source : Agencies | 30 Oct 2012

When the pilgrims return to their home countries after the journey of Haj, they return spiritually refreshed, forgiven of their sins, and ready to start life anew, with a clean slate. Family and community members often prepare a celebration to welcome pilgrims home and congratulate them on completing the journey. Those who have performed the Haj are often called by an honorific title, “Haji,” (one who has performed the Haj).


Eternal lessons from Haj

Source : OnIslam | 30 Oct 2012

Allah says, [That they may witness things that are of benefit to them] (Al-Haj 22:28). The benefits of Haj are both worldly and religious (spiritual). With regards to the religious benefits, the one who goes for Haj earns the pleasure of his Lord and comes back with all his sins forgiven. He also earns immense reward that he cannot earn in any other place; one prayer in the Sacred Mosque in Makkah, for instance, is equal to a hundred thousand prayers elsewhere, and Tawaf (circumambulation of the Kaaba) and Sa’ie (pacing between As-Safa and Al-Marwah) cannot be done anywhere else.


Start Walking




Source: By "Haj and Umra" Staff/ H&U Journal/October 2009 

Haj is not a human stampede or a suitcase of gifts. It is a treasury of meanings. Pilgrims must go to the Haj with their minds and experience it in their hearts," so once wrote a pilgrim, Dr Y. Mansoor Marican, on his return from the annual pilgrimage to Mak-kah.


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