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Number of pilgrims increases 75 times in 70 years

Source : Arab news / 7 Oct 2013
The number of foreign pilgrims has increased more than 75 times over the past 70 years, according to Abdulhamid Abal Arry, general director of King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah.
He said the number of pilgrims increased from 23,863 in 1941 to 1.8 million in 2010. 
He said that 1.67 million pilgrims had arrived by air this season. Around 8.3 million pilgrims came through King Abdulaziz International Airport for Haj and Umrah in 2012 alone. 


MERS safety: Pilgrims must wear masks

By MD Rasooldeen / 3 Oct 2013
The Ministry of Health advised Haj pilgrims on Wednesday to wear face masks in the holy cities to protect themselves from the deadly MERS virus.
Dr. Nazreen Sherbini, a specialist in infectious diseases and influenza, said MERS is transmitted through droplets from coughing and sneezing. 


Hajis checked for diseases at Jeddah port


By Muhammad Al-Sulami / 1 Oct 2013
Adel bin Mohammed Turkistani, director of the health control center at the Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP), has confirmed that the health of pilgrims coming through the JIP is excellent.
He said that port officials have not registered cases of infectious diseases since the beginning of September, when the first group of pilgrims arrived.  The director pointed out that, the center has inspected 273 vessels arriving from various countries since the Haj season began, including 33 carriers dedicated to transporting pilgrims. 

Sunstroke and Hajj Rituals

By Musa Al-Khateeb / 27 Sep 2013

It is well known that most of KSA’s area lies in one of the hottest spots in the world. When it coincides with summer, the temperature during Hajj season may range between 44-50°C. Also the rate of moisture may range between 10-15%. Accordingly, the body temperature increases as a result of control failure in the human brain center of controlling body temperature, the Hypothalamus.

Soaring Prices Hit Udhiyah Sheep

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 10 Sep 2013

Amid increasing food prices worldwide, soaring prices of hajj udhiyah sheep has hit new ebbs, putting more pressure on the Saudi government efforts to afford sacrificial sheep during the annual pilgrimage season.

“We have made arrangements to utilize the meat of one million sheep and 10,000 cows and camels during this Haj season,” Ahmed Mohamed Ali, president of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), told the Arab News.


All About Ihram

By Muhammad Fathi / 9 Sep 2013

After you have made the necessary preparations - paid your debts, repented, absolved yourself of any wrongdoing toward others, etc. - you are ready to take the first step in the blessed journey: ihram.


Conference tackles disease management during Haj

By Shahzeen Eram / 4 Sep 2013

A five-day conference on measures for “Prevention and Management of Common Diseases during Haj” commenced at a hotel in Riyadh on Sunday under the Ministry of Health.

Ahmed Usman, an MOH doctor who presented lectures on the day, said “The conference aims to emphasize the role of health care providers in the Kingdom in effective implementation of measures to combat diseases during Haj. We provide interactive sessions that can serve to train doctors.”


Madinah’s Friday Mosque beckons visitors

By Yusuf Mohammed / 26 Jul 2013

A popular site for pilgrims visiting Madinah is the Friday Mosque, known as the place where the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) performed the first Friday prayers after his migration from Makkah.

The mosque, situated between gardens and parks, is about 500 meters from the Qubaa Mosque.


Makkah hotel prices dive 150%

Source : Arab news / 15 Jul 2013

A tourism official in Makkah has confirmed that the prices of hotels have undergone radical change and returned to their normal rates.

“We have witnessed a 150-percent decline in both the prices of hotels around the Grand Mosque and suites with direct views of the Kaaba,” said Fahad Al-Wethyiani, head of the Hotels and Tourism Committee at the Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Haj in focus amid MERS virus fears

Source : AFP / 29 June 2013

Virologists are casting a worried eye on this year’s Islamic Haj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia as they struggle with the enigmatic, deadly virus known as MERS which is striking hardest in Saudi Arabia.

Little is known about the new pathogen, beyond the fact that it can be lethal by causing respiratory problems, pneumonia and kidney failure. It can be transmitted between humans, but unlike its cousin, the Sars virus, which sparked a scare a decade ago, it does not seem very contagious.


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