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Old Haram structures being demolished for expansion

Source : IINA / 10 Dec 2013

Work has begun on the demolition of old structures, built during the first Saudi expansion, and the old Haram, so as to facilitate the expansion of the Grand Mosque as part of the King Abdullah Grand Mosque Expansion Project, it was announced on Sunday.


Haj companies request ministry to improve domestic pilgrim services

Source : Arab news / 3 Dec 2013

Domestic Haj service companies have urged the Haj Ministry to adopt a series of measures for improving services to domestic pilgrims, including renovation of Mina tents and the early allocation of tents.

“The early handover of tents to companies will help reduce expenses,” said Fadhl bin Mohammed Al-Jahoury, a member of the Coordination Council. The companies urged the ministry to set out a new mechanism to distribute tents, as well as the newly constructed residential towers in Mina.


15,000 visit Al-Masmak Museum during Haj holidays

By Rashid Hassan / 26 Oct 2013

About 15,000 people visited Al-Masmak Museum in Riyadh during the Haj holidays, an official said on Thursday.
Nasir bin Abdul Kareem Al-Oraifi, director of the museum, said the visitors included diplomats and tourists from across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Al-Oraifi said the museum has attractive and informative exhibits on the unification of the country by King Abdul Aziz. 

An Experiene to Inspire Your Whole Life

By Muhammad Fathi / 22 Oct 2013

After finishing the rituals of Hajj, with all of its spirituality, devotion, sincerity, sacrifice and dedication, the question is: Should all of these awe-inspiring feelings be restricted to the few days of Hajj?

We should always think of Hajj as a journey intended to guide us on how to lead our larger journey of life. It is the model after which Muslims should pattern their lives. This connection between Hajj and life is very important; after all, both of them are journeys that need special preparation and should have special goals.


What does ihram for hajj ifrad, qiran, and tamattu' mean?

Source : / 19 Oct 2013
What does ihram for hajj ifrad, qiran, and tamattu' mean?
There are three ways of performing hajj: ifrad, qiran, and tamattu'.


Van Doorn Performs Hajj

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 19 Oct 2013

Accepting Islam months ago, a once anti-Islam activist who produced a derogatory film wrongly portraying Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said he has found peace and tranquility while performing hajj this year.

“I found myself among these faithful hearts,”Arnoud Van Doorn, a former member of Wilders’ Freedom Party, was quoted by Saudi Gazette on Friday, October 18.


Pilgrims inject 1bn Saudi riyals into textiles market during hajj

Source : Saudi Gazette / 19 Oct 2013
The Chairman of the ready-made Clothes and Textiles Committee in Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Muhammad Al-Shehri has estimated the volume of pilgrims’ spending during the current hajj season to purchase clothes and fabrics at over 1 billion Saudi riyals.
This was injected in the clothes market in Saudi Arabia, the volume of whose investments are estimated at SR10 billion.

Poorly pilgrims transferred to Arafat to undergo hajj journey

By Mustapha Ajbaili / 14 Oct 2013
Muslims with physical and financial abilities are required to perform hajj once in their lifetime, but those who arrive in Saudi Arabia and then fall ill are given a hand to get to the finish line.
Well-equipped ambulances with highly trained paramedics on Saturday transferred 23 foreign patient pilgrims from Madina, 340 km north of Makkah to Arafat’s Public Hospital in the Muslim holy city.

Poverty Cuts Malawi Pilgrims Numbers

By Khalid Abubaker / 14 Oct 2013

Amid growing economic woes and ever-increasing financial problems, the number of Malawi Muslims travelling for hajj has been declining in recent years, putting their dream to perform lifetime journey to Makkah on hold.

“I have been trying over the past years to raise money towards the fulfillment of this obligation, but it has been a painful experience,” Ahmed Bakali, in his late 70’s, told


Tips on the Etiquettes of Hajj

Source : / 7 Oct 2013

Pilgrims performing hajj or 'umrah must do the following:

1- Pay charity in abundance and refrain from harming others.

2- Select righteous company such as those who are willing to do good. It was said, "Choose the companion before choosing the route." Verily, God the Almighty is the Greatest and best Companion.


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