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Sharia law

Can a Woman’s Son be Her Wali?

Source : ShafiiFiqh / 18 Sep 2014

In the Shafi’i Madhhab, if a woman’s son is connected to her only by the bond of being her child, then he cannot act as her guardian and marry her off. If another connection between them is established, then he may according to that. An example of this is them sharing in lineage by him being both her son and also the son of her uncle’s son; or for example, if he was the judge [qadi].


Is it permissible to pay kaffara [expiation] on mother behalf from the money she left?

Source : / 4 July 2013


My mother passed away without making up her missed fast days of Ramadan and this fact is known to all her children. Is it permissible to pay kaffara [expiation] on her behalf from the money she left?

Is surat al-Fatiha or any other sura recited for each deceased separately or is it possible to direct the reward of its recitation to all of them together?


Valentine’s Day…and its position in Islam

Source : / 14 Feb 2013

Let’s roast a turkey on Christmas day; it’s not as if we celebrate Christmas anyway…Why not book her engagement day for Valentine’s Day instead… In fact I think I should pick up a quick gift for him since it’s nearly the 14th of Feb…

These are just a few of the very familiar words that seem to escape the mouths of so many Muslims today…Infact Did you know that ‘Valentine’s Day’ is actually remembered and celebrated by so many different people around the world today, that statistics indicate it is second only to Christmas in fame and popularity…giving preference over many other religious and non-religious celebrations. Why not, after all it is the festival of love!


Who are the Mahrams of a Woman

Source: / 15 Jan 2013

When people distance themselves from the instructions of Islam and the rulings of religion -- especially those which guard chastity and the ‘Awrah (parts of the body that must be covered), prevent mixing of progeny and other immoral acts -- they fall into the pit of vice and immorality. This is encouraged by the enemies of Islam who try to control women with all the possible means until they lead them astray and strip them of their modesty, under the pretext of "liberating" them. In reality, they wanted to liberate women from their religion, modesty, and chastity.


What’s Sharia, and what’s wrong with Sharia Law?

Do you know the craziest thing about all the efforts some non-Muslims are undertaking to prevent Muslims from bringing Sharia Law here, to North America?


Sharia: The path to salvation

By Sadakat Kadri | Huffingtonpost | 3 Jun 2012

At a time when efforts to ban sharia law have been tabled in some two dozen states, it would be interesting to know what precisely their sponsors are hoping to prohibit — because their target has a 1,400-year history that extends deep into the realms of faith.


Financial shock would never have happened under sharia

By John King | Irishtimes | 21 May 2012

IN THE West we have, over many years, created a range of financial instruments to meet the needs of business, of investors and of the man and woman in the street. In the recent past, institutions in the Islamic world have developed a parallel set of instruments which seek to fulfil those needs in a way which is consistent with sharia law.


Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims

By Divya Talwar |BBC Asian Network| 16 Jan 2012

The use of Sharia, or Islamic religious law, is growing in Britain, with thousands of Muslims using it to settle disputes each year, but women's groups and some others are objecting.


First Islamic interbank funding rate launched

by Issac John
Source: Khaleej Times Online

DUBAI – A group of Islamic financial institutions has launched the world’s first benchmark for Islamic interbank lending as an alternative to LIBOR, or the London Interbank Offered Rate.


Islamic banking assets could reach $1.8 trillion by end of 2016

Source:By KHALIL HANWARE | ARAB NEWS/Nov.17/2011

Islamic banks may be bolstered by a nearly doubling of assets within five years, as borrowers seek alternative methods of financing due to a cutback in lending at European and US banks, according to a report by Deutsche Bank.


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