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‘1001 Inventions’ celebrates contributions by Muslims

Source : Saudi Gazette / 24 Dec 2014

While Europe was grappling through the “Dark Ages,” the Muslims were thriving and experiencing what was for them, “the Golden Ages.”

They made groundbreaking discoveries and inventions in areas of astronomy, mathematics, medicine, mechanics, and more; they greatly influenced the lives of people and served as a foundation for educating generations for years to come.


Top places to learn Arabic in the Middle East

Source : Faith Barker / Al Arabiya News / 28 Dec 2013

The fallout from the unrest in the Middle East has made the choices for those hoping to study Arabic in the region narrower and more challenging.

However, adventurous students are still drawn to the Arab world to learn a language spoken by hundreds of millions around the globe.


5,000-year-old salt cave in Turkey to be opened to tourism

Source : World Bulletin / 26 Dec 2013

A 5,000-year-old salt cave from the Hittite civilization will start operating to offer therapy to heal asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses in central Anatolian Cankiri province.

The salt cave facility is arranged to be run by a private firm for 30 years.


Christmas Before Christ: December 25 and Paganism

By Ertan Karpazli / World Bulletin / 25 Dec 2013

Today, Christians around the world celebrate Christmas, marking what in common Christian culture is believe to be the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is a tradition that is centuries old, and dates back to the mid-fourth century when the Romans officially accepted the Trinitarian narrative of Christianity at the Council of Nicaea in 325.


Grand public library to open in Jeddah

By Irfan Mohammed / Arab news / 24 Dec 2013

Book lovers in Jeddah have reason to celebrate because one of the largest libraries in the region is set to open soon in the city.

Fulfilling a longstanding demand of Jeddah residents, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, the new education minister, will open the facility on Jan. 1.


Shanghai hosting Iranian cultural, artworks exhibition

Source : Presstv / 21 Dec 2013

An exhibition of Iranian cultural works has kicked off in China to introduce various aspects of ancient Persian culture and the nation’s civilization.

The cultural exhibition began its activity during a ceremony held at Shanghai’s Changning Library on December 19, 2013.


Ahmad Shahawi: A master of Tunisian mosaics

Source : / 20 Dec 2013

Ahmad Shahawi is one of the few artists who has devoted his life to mosaics. He has been involved in mosaic production for 35 years. What makes his pieces distinguishable is his personal passion and ambition to find the appropriate stones for mosaics.


Rare Kiswa piece fetches $1 million

By  Fouzia Khan / Arab news / 18 Dec 2013

A rare piece of the Kiswa (the cover of Kaaba) dated 1354 A.H., which was given as a gift by the monarch of Al-Bohra to King Abdul Aziz, was sold for $1 million at the second auction of Arabian Wings in Jeddah.

The piece is considered to be one the rarest pieces of the Kiswa.


Lebanon's Saida Castle stands the test of time

Source : / 13 Dec 2013

The Lebanese city of Saida has remained politically and economically significant since ancient times. The city was invaded in the 13th century by crusaders who built a castle on a hill overlooking Saida which is still standing and silently watching over the city as it has been doing in the last eight centuries.


Ottoman fountain center-piece of Bulgarian city

Source : / 10 Dec 2013

A large fountain and Bayrakli Mosque are among the many Ottoman landmarks in Samakov, a Bulgarian town close to the capital, Sofia. The large fountain, built in 1660, is the center-piece symbol of the town.

The town of Samakov, which is 60 km away from Sofia, is located on the Rila Mountain and known for its historical and cultural richness. It was one of the important settlements in Ottoman times and the town is still economically significant in terms of income from tourism, since Samakov is in the list of one hundred touristic destinations in the country.


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