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Yemeni student’s adventures in Russia

Interview with an Arab student from Yemen, Rafiq Muhammad Salih Al – Humaid.

An Arab student from Yemen Rafiq Muhammad Salih Al - Humaid, a physicist by profession, is studying at Dagestan State University. He came from Yemen five years ago. He graduated from the Masters program here, and after that pursues post graduate degree. In an interview today he shares with our readers his  impressions about Russia and Russians, and talks about his studies and homesickness.


Yemen’s traditional kisher coffee stimulates social scene

Source : Reuters / 09 Nov 2013

In the bustling Old City of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, it is common to find men gathered in streets and cafes, waiting patiently for a cup of freshly-brewed kisher.

The drink is made from the dry shell of the coffee bean. The shell has a tea-like flavor with less caffeine than coffee and is said to be rich in antioxidants.


Yemen economy starts to recover from political crisis

By Reuters / 15 Feb 2013

When political turmoil drove Yemen to the brink of economic collapse in 2011, Jumaan Trading & Investment Co saw its sales plunge by more than 60 percent, prompting the company to shift part of its operations to neighboring Saudi Arabia.

But the ouster of strongman president Ali Abdullah Saleh a year ago, and a partial improvement of security in the poverty- and militancy-stricken country, is now helping to revive the economy, boosting JTI’s sales.


Yemen needs $716 mln in aid this year: U.N.

By AFP / 23 Jan 2013

Yemen needs $716 million in aid this year, or 22 percent more than 2012’s requirements, UN agencies said on Tuesday, after improved security enabled a reassessment of the humanitarian situation.

“We are hoping that we will be able to raise the whole amount so that we can comprehensively meet the needs and save lives,” said the head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen, Trond Jensen.


U.S. Dangerously Short-Sighted on Yemen, Experts Warn

| IPS | Washington | 27 Jun 2012

As President Barack Obama’s administration becomes further enmeshed in what many are calling an undeclared war in Yemen, observers here are urging the government to broaden its policy approach to the country beyond counterterrorism.


Is the Secret War in Yemen and Somalia Secret No Longer?

By Chris Woods |

In what is being viewed by some as a significant move towards greater transparency, President Obama has officially acknowledged for the first time previously secret US military combat operations in Yemen and Somalia.


In Yemen, One Islamist Is Dead, but the Battle Goes On

By LAURA KASINOF / www.nytimes.com

SANA, Yemen — Despite the death of Anwar al-Awlaki, the infamous Yemeni-American cleric who was a propagandist for aspiring jihadists around the globe, Yemen’s battle against Al Qaeda is far from complete, as security forces fought over the weekend against Islamic militants who control large areas of territory in the country’s restive south.


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