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NGOs "force" Nepali Muslims to use contraceptives and abortion

Source : Asia news / 01 Sep 2014 

Non-governmental organizations operating in Nepal "impose contraception, abortion and family planning on Muslim women from the poorest districts. If these do not agree, they lose access to humanitarian aid and the ability to send their children to schools for free. This is really a despicable method that goes against our faith and exploits our poverty" Hassan Miya, a Muslim leader from Banke district tells AsiaNews.


Uzbekistan to build first solar power plant

Source : / 27 Nov 2013

Uzbekistan will be the first Central Asian country to build a solar power plant in a bid to develop clean energy in the region, the head of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said.

"Earlier this week ADB's board of directors approved a loan of more than $110 million to finance construction of the facility," bank president Takehiko Nakao said.


Kazakhstan Approves Tougher Religion Law

ASTANA - Ignoring international criticisms, Kazakhstan's upper house of parliament (Senate) approved on Thursday, September 29, tougher laws on religious activity in the Central Asian state.

Under the new law, prayer rooms will be banned in state institutions, Reuters reported.

It requires the review all religious literature and the mandatory annual registration of all foreign missionaries, who can be expelled if deemed to pose a threat to the "constitutional order and public peace".


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