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Arab Spring

‘We created a monster,’ Arab Spring women activists

Source : Al Arabiya / 08 Apr 2014

Arab Spring women activists spoke dramatically of their role in the Middle Eastern uprising on Friday at a New York panel moderated by top U.S. political satirist Jon Stewart.


Arab Spring nations backtrack on women’s rights, poll says

Source : Reuters / 13 Nov 2013

Arab women played a central role in the Arab Spring, but their hopes the revolts would bring greater freedom and expanded rights for women have been thwarted by entrenched patriarchal structures and the rise of Islamists, gender experts in the countries say.


Why is the West against the unification of Muslims?

Source : | 22 May 2013

In his interview, Viacheslav Matuzov, the President of the Society of Friendship and Business Partnership with the Arab Countries, answers the complex question about the reasons of disunity of the Arab-Islamic world and the obstacles on the way of unification.


Libya’s desert ‘pearl’ Ghadames awaits return of tourists

By Marie-Louise Gumuchian / 24 Apr 2013

Perched on a low wall in the center of the Libyan desert oasis town of Ghadames, 80-year old tourist guide Mohammed Ibrahim says he is waiting for the foreign visitors he used to show around to come back.


Who needs the Pan-Arab massacre?

Source : | 08 Apr 2013

Viacheslav Matuzov, President of the Society of Friendship and Business Partnership with the Arab Countries is interviewed by about the situation in the Middle East and the geopolitical consequences of the Arab Spring.

Today, we see the Arab countries turned into hot spots as if by instruction. What has really happened in the Arab world? Have the plotters of the “Arabellion” got what they wanted?


Arab Spring 2013: Revolutionary wave enters a third year

By Sharif Nashashibi | Al Arabiya | 02 Jan 2013

As we start a new year - the Arab Spring's third - it is time to reflect on its developments, successes and failures over the last 12 months. Its causes - dictatorship, economic stagnation, political repression, human rights abuses, corruption - may be similar regionally, but how it has manifested itself in each country differs greatly.

Most of the Arab autocrats are still in power, and those countries that have overthrown them are facing significant upheavals. This has led to debate over whether the Spring - described by Palestinian intellectual Azmi Bishara as the "most important geopolitical event in the region since the 1950s" - has turned to winter.


Arab Spring - 2012 Timeline

By Al Arabiya | 29 Dec 2012

A fire that Mohammed al-Bouazizi ignited two years ago continued to burn for the second year as the battle to break down the old regimes and their associates in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia continued unabated.


*President Bashar al-Assad made his first public speech in months, vowing to quash his opponents with an iron fist and denounced the uprising as a foreign plot.


Egypt's chapter of Arab Spring ends not as scripted

Source : Reuters | Cairo | 19 Jun 2012

The Egyptian chapter of the "Arab Spring" ended not as it was scripted by the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square.

They deposed a military dictator, secured the first free presidential race in their history, and then may have lost it to a die-hard Islamist president. Not only this. The generals who had stood behind Hosni Mubarak remain firmly entrenched.


Arab Spring is West-pushed process out of control

By RT | 14 Jun 2012

Islamists are attempting to capture the initiative of the Arab Awakening, as Ramadan labels it, but it is doubtful they can actually steal the show since they do not have support of the majority of the population in Arab countries.


Middle East is in a state of flux

By Abdullah Al Shayji | Gulf News | 28 May 2012

Last week major developments unfolded before our eyes. Some of those events were unprecedented, like the historic Egyptian presidential election that has raised the bar for other Arab republics by emboldening ordinary Arabs.


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