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Rohingya are 'world's largest stateless population'

The Rohingya refugees are “the world’s largest stateless population”, said Ursula Mueller, the UN's assistant secretary general for humanitarian affairs, as she called on the international community to help their plight.
Speaking at a high-level event on the issue of Rohingya at the UN on Friday, Ms Mueller said the Myanmar government “must take real steps forward, clearly demonstrating a commitment to immediate change on the ground”.

Rohingya genocide planned by Myanmar military

Myanmar’s military systematically planned a genocidal campaign to rid the country of Rohingya Muslims, according to a report released on Thursday by the advocacy group Fortify Rights based on testimony from 254 survivors, officials and workers over a 21-month period.

Bangladesh bans Rohingya marriages

Source : Presstv / 11 Jul 2014

Bangladesh has banned the registration of marriages involving Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar, who are accused of seeking to gain citizenship through marriage.

On Thursday, the Bangladeshi government issued an executive order to marriage registrars demanding that no unions should be registered between Bangladeshi nationals and Rohingyas and also between Rohingyas themselves.


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