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Musim women

Tajik mosques open their doors wider to women

Source : Central Asia online / 1 Feb 2014 

Devout women in Tajikistan soon will have more public religious freedoms than they have had in years as the country looks to reverse a fatwa that restricted women's ability to attend mosques.

"Traditionally, many women in Tajikistan pray at home, because they feel more comfortable there," Isrofil Hajibulloh, an imam from Khujand, said. "But if women want to pray at the mosques, they should be allowed to do so."


Position of women in Islam — social aspect

Source : Jamal Badawi
Chairman, Islamic Information Foundation - Canada

Prior to the advent of Islam, female infanticide was practiced by the Arabs.
Islam not only succeeded in uprooting this evil practice by declaring it to be murder, but also ended the prevalent notion that the birth of a girl was not as auspicious as the birth of a boy. Islam teaches that the birth of any child is a great blessing.


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