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Did You Know?

Source : / 20 Dec 2013

Recently, scientists from St. Andrews University were studying bottlenose dolphins off of the east coast of Scotland when they found that the mammals used signature high-pitched sounds and noises to attract the attention of other dolphins nearby. Using plenty of research as a backdrop, the scientists soon determined that the noises they were hearing were actually dolphins calling to one another by name.


EU Commission renews bid to ban food from cloned animals

Source : World Bulletin / 19 Dec 2013

The European Commission on Wednesday again proposed a ban on food and products from cloned animals, two years after failing to block their use.

EU governments and lawmakers rejected the first move in 2011 because of a dispute over labelling. If approved, the latest draft rules would ban the use of cloning in commercial farming within the 28-nation bloc for five years, and prohibit the sale and import of food such as meat or milk from cloned animals.


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