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Crimea receives $1 bln worth of investment offers

Source : ITAR-TASS / 10 Apr 2014

Crimea has already received offers from potential investors to a sum exceeding one billion U.S. dollars, or twice as big as its current budget, Crimea’s Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov told the Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper on Tuesday.


Gasoline prices in Crimea expected to come down

Source : QHA / 09 Apr 2014

Prices for petrol in Crimea expected to come down to Russian level in May, Crimean vice premier Rustam Temirgaliev announced.

The channels on delivery and keeping of gasoline and diesel fuel with Russian biggest companies already established.


Over 90% of Russians back Crimea’s accession to Russia — polls

Source : Voice of Russia / 08 Apr 2014

Over 90 percent of polled Russian citizens have backed Crimea’s accession to Russia as a constituent entity, the opinion poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center said.


Simferopol airport may become Russia’s biggest

Source : QHA / 07 Apr 2014

The airport of Simferopol, the capital of Crimea, region that recently joined Russia, may become one of Russia’s largest with an annual throughput capacity of over 5 million passengers, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said, ITAR-TASS reports.


Government seeks to abolish migrant worker quotas

Source : RT / 03 Apr 2014

The Russian government commission has approved a new scheme for hiring migrant workers, switching from current company quotas to an unlimited "patent" system.

The move is opposed by the Labor Ministry, but the government commission has supported it nevertheless, according to the Izvestia daily. The new plan has been developed by the Federal Migration Service and it allows not only major businesses but also small companies and even private entrepreneurs to attract workers from a broad on a much simpler basis.


Discount over: Gazprom hikes Ukraine gas prices 44%

Source : RT / 02 Apr 2014

Russia’s state-owned gas major Gazprom announced a new price for gas exports to Ukraine of $385.50 per 1,000 cubic meters as of April 1, 2014. The price increased by $117 after Gazprom cancelled its discount agreed in December.

"This follows Ukraine’s default on its obligation to repay its debt for gas supplies in 2013 and the 100 percent lack of payment for current supplies,” Gazprom chief Aleksey Miller said Tuesday. Gazprom had until April 10 to decide on a new price.


Russia, North Korea Agree to Settle Payments in Rubles in Trade Pact

Source : RIA Novosti / 31 Mar 2014

Russia and North Korea have signed a new protocol to transition to using the ruble for payments between the two countries as part of an effort to boost annual bilateral trade to $1 billion by 2020, Russia's Far East Development Ministry said Friday.


World's most powerful VHF radar to be overhauled in Russia

Source : Voice of Russia with Interfax / 31 Mar 2014

The Daryal early warning radar, based near the town of Pechora in the Komi Republic, will undergo in-depth modernization without being taken off duty before 2016, Aerospace Defense Forces spokesman Col. Alexei Zolotukhin said.

"Given the Daryal early warning radar's large modernization potential, all of its key systems will be upgraded without taking the radr off duty, which will make it more reliable in operation, enhance its tactical and technical characteristics, and lower energy demand," he said.


Putin’s Approval Rating Rises to 80% – Poll

Source : RIA Novosti / 27 Mar 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin's approval rating has reached 80 percent, with a majority of Russians saying the country is heading in the right direction, an independent pollster said Wednesday.

A poll by the Levada Center said public support for the Russian leader rose by 8 percent since Putin delivered an address to parliament on Crimea before the predominantly Russian-speaking region rejoined Russia last week.


HIPA announces prize winners at grand ceremony

Source : / 26 Mar 2014

China’s Fuyang Zhou wins the grand prize of $120,000 at the annual HIPA competition in Dubai. The Chinese photographer is among 17 winners at the grand ceremony, which took place at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) on the evening of 17 March.


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