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Islam in Lebanon

Prophet Muhammad's treatment to non-Muslims: The birth of religious plurality

Source : Dar-Alifta / 20 Sep 2014

The general policy in Islam is to guarantee full rights to non- Muslim populations and therefore people subscribing to other religions were granted full civic rights by the virtue of the Quran and through the application of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)(peace be upon him). Non- Muslim populations living within Muslim communities were granted peaceful and prosperous life through guaranteeing security for both their lives and properties and were given the appellation of "ahl al-Dhimma" which denotes those people with whom Muslims have an agreement or the responsibility of their personal safety and security of their property are undertaken by the Muslim state.


Lebanon's tourism sector shows signs of blooming

Source : Daily Star / 22 Jul 2014

The Tourism Ministry said Tuesday that the number of Arab tourists increased by 90 percent in June, compared with the previous year.


Lebanese website offers Ramadan medical advice

Source : Reuters / 17 Jul 2013

Users of the online medical portal can now access advice specifically relating to the Ramadan fast.

The Lebanese founded website, which aims to connect doctors and patients around the world, now carries a 'Question and Answer' section for Muslims, who fast from dawn to sunset during the holy month.


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