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A mosque. A prison. And a mosque again. The oldest Djuma-mosque in North Caucasus (Derbent)

By Islam Magazine | 21 Jan 2012  

Derbent is one of the oldest towns that has saved its original look till nowadays. One can hardly find another town that has survived so many invasions and destructions, has been an apple of discord and a scene of bloody battles so many times.

The first Islamic activists and the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had started their charitable mission here.


Fear of Allah is the highest wisdom

Speech delivered by Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi at graduation ceremony of Nur al-Irshad Islamic institute, 30 June 2006.

They say, “Whoever makes his best surely achieves success”. We can witness today how true those words are. How old is Aslauddin? He is 53! We should probably take his photo and write articles for As-Salam and Nur al-Islam papers. His example vividly proves that Allah gives anything to those who do their best! At the age of 53 he is a student! Late Patal Hajji once told me a similar story. When studying in Karakhi, he got to know an `alim who started studying `ilm at 50. He became a good `alim! Never give up studying because of age. If you can learn a letter, do it. We have got all the possibilities nowadays. May Allah help us!


Qala Quraysh as a famous Quraysh city in Dagestan

"A terrible war has contributed to the unity of all Dagestani community..."

Before the Arab invasion Dagestan was divided into many states, where lived various communities who followed their own customs and traditions.

Up to V century A.D. all the territory of Dagestan was the unit of Caucasian Albania, but later its southern part passed under the dominion of the Persians, and the Khazars conquered the other part.


Our goal is Allah’s pleasure! An interview with Shaykh Abdul Jalil Afandi

We would like to bring to reader’s attention a conversation our reporter held with most respectable ustaz Shaykh of Naqshbandi and Shazali tariqas Murshid Abdul Jalil Afandi ad-Dagestani.
Source : | Buynaksk | Dagestan | 2011


Arab Dagestanis - direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad

By Hajimurad Radjabov: Assalam| Makhachkala| 2011

Beloved Prophet (PBUH) is the best among people. Islamic history researchers and researchers of Prophet’s genealogy (PBUH) are unanimous that Prophet Muhammad’s family (PBUH) has its roots in the family of Prophet Ismail (PBUH), who is the son of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH). Hereby is Muhammad (PBUH) an adherent of Ibrahim’s religion (PBUH), a descendant of Ismail (PBUH), an Arab from pure and noble tribe of Quraysh, Hashimite clan.


Russia’s oldest city: 5,000 and counting

Source : RT | 15 Dec 2011

RT travels to the country’s southernmost and oldest city. First mentioned by Ancient Greek historians, Derbent maintained strategic importance in the region for millennia and may have been the cradle of Islam in Russia.


Sufi History in Daghestan

Sufism has an age-long history which has yet only recently become the subject of study. However the last few years have seen a certain amount of work done, for example, the publication of important articles on the history and practice of Sufism in Daghestan, especially in the 18th-20th centuries, Sufi treatises by Daghestani authors. The research sources pool has grown. The Eastern Literature publishing house in Moscow has released an important monograph by a Daghestani author Alikber Alikberov on the early history of Sufism in Daghestan.


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