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Islam in France

Row over French politician’s veil comments

Source : AFP / 20 Aug 2014

A French MEP and former minister has created a storm in France by posting a picture of a veiled woman sitting on a beach and criticising it as an “attack on our culture”.

Nadine Morano, a close ally of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, took a picture of the woman wearing a headscarf and posted it on her Twitter feed and Facebook page next to a famous photo of sex symbol Brigitte Bardot wearing a bikini.


Piece of Kiswa on display in Haj expo

Source : SG / 21 Apr 2014

A piece of Kiswa, thick black cloth with intricate embroidery of Qur'anic verses in gold, that covers the door of the Kaaba will be on display at the second Saudi Haj Exhibition in Paris from today onwards, Makkah Daily reported.

Mohammed Al-Jabri, an official of the Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, said that for the first time a piece of the Kaaba will be displayed internationally.


France to maintain a headscarf ban despite legal advice

Source : Reuters / 25 Dec 2013

France decided on Monday to maintain a ban on Muslim headscarves for volunteer school monitors despite a warning that it overstepped the law requiring religious neutrality in the public service.


France upholds headscarf firing

Source : World Bulletin / 28 Nov 2013

A French appeals court on Wednesday upheld the dismissal of a Muslim daycare worker for wearing a headscarf at a creche that demanded strict neutrality from its employees.

The Paris court's decision was announced at the same time as French lawyers defended the country's ban on full-face veils in public before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


Iranian artist to mount exhibition in Paris

Source : Presstv / 12 June 2013

Eminent Iranian miniaturist and illuminator Mostafa Aqamiri is planning to mount an art show of his latest creations in the French capital, Paris.

A collection of Aqamiri’s works with the Qur’anic and religious themes is slated to be showcased at the exhibit that will be held in upcoming months.


French Want Tougher Anti-Hijab Laws

Source : OnIslam & News Agencies / 27 Mar 2013

The majority of French support imposing tougher laws on the wearing of hijab in the southern European country, a new survey has revealed, putting the Muslim headscarf in the heart of a new controversy, France 24 reported.

The poll by the French marketing and opinion center BVA found that 86 percent of French support introducing legislation that would ban “all signs of religious and political affiliation” in private schools and nurseries.


Strasbourg Mosque Welcomes French Tours

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 9 Mar 2013

Being an example of the tensions surrounding France’s growing Muslim minority, the Great Mosque of Strasbourg has become a mixing place for once-wary French to meet their Muslim neighbors.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to be open to the people around us,”Said Aalla, a Strasbourg jurist who is president of the mosque’s governing council, told The Washington Post.


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