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Rare antelope-like saola spotted in Vietnam after 15 years

Source : Reuters / 13 Nov 2013

The critically endangered saola, an antelope-like creature native to Southeast Asia, has been photographed in Vietnam, the first sighting in 15 years, conservationists said on Tuesday.

Known for its two parallel horns that can grow to 50 inches (1.27 meters) in length, the saola is so rare that simply seeing a picture of one gives hope to those who want to preserve the species, said Van Ngoc Thinh of World Wildlife Fund.


Asceticism is the Way to be Loved

Source : / 6 Mar 2013

Asceticism, or Zuhd, is to abandon the desire for something for the sake of something which is better, and to abandon the comfort of this world for the sake of that of the Hereafter. It also means that the heart should not desire anything that one does not possess. Knowing that this worldly life is temporary and will eventually come to an end helps the slave of Allah to be this way.


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