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Islam in Saudi Arabia

Cool relief to Haram worshippers

By Irfan Mohammed / Arab news / 27 Feb 2014

A temporary air conditioning facility is going to be provided for visiting pilgrims in the old part of the grand mosque area where expansion work is taking place. This is in view of the rising temperatures and the increasing number of pilgrims to the grand mosque.

The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs is executing a plan to provide a temporary cooling facility to worshippers in the Ajyad area of the grand mosque in three phases, said Ahmed Al Mansuri of the Presidency of Two Holy Mosques affairs.


Large number of pilgrims throng Jabal Al-Rahma in Arafat.

Source : Saudi Gazette / 25 Feb 2014

The holy city is witnessing an unprecedented increase in the number of pilgrims and visitors during the current Umrah season.

There has also been a big rise in the number of pilgrims visiting the holy sites of Arafat, Mina and Muzdalifah as well as Islamic historic sites in Makkah including the caves of Hira and Al-Thawr, according to a report in Makkah daily.


Unveiled women banned from entering girls’ schools

Source : Saudi Gazette / 24 Feb 2014

Education departments in a number of regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have banned female employees and visitors, who do not wear the veil, from entering girls’ schools.

According to a circular sent by education departments to school principals, a copy of which Makkah daily obtained, the education departments have made it mandatory for the male and female school guards to abide by Islamic rules, regulations and directives and moral principles. They should avoid anything that violates the honor of the profession.


Exhibition in Jeddah depicts life of Prophet (pbuh)

Source : Arab news / 19 Feb 2014

Eight Saudi artists took part in an exhibition under the theme, “This is the Prophet we love,” which showcased more than 107 paintings depicting the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with Arabic calligraphy.

Elements of his life, such as his travels, sayings and family history, were portrayed in the paintings.
The exhibition was held at the Jeddah House of Artists.


Saudi Arabia tops list of food wasters

Source : IINA / 19 Feb 2014

According to the Rome-based Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), a third of the food produced globally is wasted and this costs the global economy $750 billion annually, a figure higher than the GDP of several developed countries.


Four mosques win architecture award

Source : Arab news / 18 Feb 2014

The Abdullatif Al-Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture was announced as a global platform to contribute to the development of contemporary mosque architecture globally.

Around 35 mosques that have been built in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1970 were nominated for the award. Four of these won.


Madinah’s history showcased in ‘Letters and Illumination’ expo

Source : Arab news / 14 Feb 2014

The history of Madinah has been illuminated in words and images at a major art exhibition that opened on Tuesday in the city.

Entitled “Letters and Illumination,” the exhibition includes displays of calligraphy and photographs dating back to the 19th century.


Six Arabian Oud workers embrace Islam

Source : Saudi Gazette / 13 Feb 2014

Six employees of Arabian Oud, the largest fragrance retailer in the world, embraced Islam and pronounced the "testimony of faith" in the presence of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdulrahman Alarifi, the company said in a statement.

The reverts said they decided to change their faith with full conviction after attending religious awareness programs held by the company.


Women no longer need identifiers at Saudi courts

Source : Arab news / 13 Feb 2014

The Supreme Judicial Council has decided that Saudi women no longer have to have males identify them at court hearings, and would only require their identity cards.

The council issued a circular to all the courts on Monday to announce its decision.
The move has been welcomed by Saudis.


Words & illuminations exhibition in Madinah

Source : IINA / 11 Feb 2014

On the occasion of Madinah being selected Capital of Islamic Culture 2013 by the Islamic Education Science and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), the city is holding an exhibition to celebrate this event under the ages of Madinah Governor Prince Faisal bin Salman.


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