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How To Do Correct GHUSL : Video

Ghusl (Arabic: غسل‎ Ġusl ) is an Arabic term referring to the full body ritual washing ablution required, if the adult loses the state of body cleanness, in Islam for adults prior to ablution (wudu وضوء) for various rituals and prayers. Ghusl is mandatory for any adult Muslim after having sexual intercourse, orgasmic discharge (e.g. semen), completion of the menstrual cycle, giving birth, and death by natural causes.



By / 30 Apr 2013

There are special regulations in Islam legislated for women regarding the three types of bleeding they experience, that are menses, post-partum bleeding, and abnormal bleeding. Women must understand the rulings pertinent to each type, as they deal with important aspects of worship, such as purification, prayer and fasting. This lesson will try to explain the most important rulings relevant to each type of bleeding.



Source : /18 Feb 2013

What makes Ghusl Fard?

On five occasions the Ghusl is Fard.

1) Release of sperm with pleasure. If jumped from a higher place or lifted heavier stuff which caused sperm to discharge, Ghusl is not wajib but will break the Wazoo.

2) Wet dream with semen discharge.

3) When ever the tip of man's private part (mushroom) enters woman's private part.(Even with intention or without intention)

4) Haiz (monthly period for women)

5) Nafaas ( The release of blood after a woman gives birth)


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