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How Islam Spread in India

Source : / 2 Apr 2013

Today, there are over 500 million Muslims throughout the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), making it one of the largest population centers of Muslims in the world. Since Islam first entered India, it has contributed greatly to the area and its people. Today, numerous theories about how India came to be such a largely Muslim land exist. Politically, some (such as the Hindutva movement in India) try to make Islam seem foriegn to India, by insisting it only exists because of invasions by Arab and Persian Muslims. The truth, however, is far from that.


From Candy to Serendipity; Arabic words in the English language

Source : Al Arabiya / 27 Mar 2013

The English language has absorbed all manner of Arabic words over the centuries. Surprising entries include the word ‘jar,’ and ‘serendipity,’ adapted from the Arabic language and now used with no reference to their Middle Eastern origin.

A selection of interesting and unexpected English words, derived from Arabic, highlight the historical relationship between the two cultures.


Magnificent Mosques: The Kalon Mosque Of Bukhara

By Muhammad Habib / 11 Mar 2013

When the Kalon Mosque of Bukhara was built in 1127, its minaret was probably the tallest building in Central Asia. It can house 10,000 worshippers and its roof consists of 288 domes.

BUKHARA (also spelled Bux-oro) is a historic city of 255,000 people located 250 km downstream from Samarkand on the Zervshan River in Uzbekistan.


Sympathy and self sacrifice

Source : / 1 Mar 2013

The Sahaba, as a class of people, attained such high qualities that today’s weak society find it difficult to emulate them completely. We would be fortunate if we really attain even a partial resemblance to their character.

Some of the qualities are distinctly their mark. Sympathy and self sacrifice is one of them.

A Sahabi came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and complained of hunger and distress. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) didn’t have any food. He then asked the sahabas that who will take this sahabi as their guest on behalf of me.


Tatarstan:Smooth Islamization Sprinkled with Blood

By Ruslan Kurbanov / 27 Feb 2013

The group of people in the Muslim world addressed in this article is often confused with the Mongols and unfairly considered descendants of the destroyers of Baghdad. However, in the history of the Islamic world, this nation has played a unique role.

These are the people to which the Russian state owes much to its rise and becoming. In fact, these people laid the foundation of the Russian state union of Christians and Muslims.


Egypt’s Largest Natural Woodland

By Islam Mitsraym / 23 Feb 2013

Have you ever heard of Egypt’s largest natural woodland? It’s Elba Protectorate. This is the largest natural protected area in Egypt, out of her officially declared 29 protectorates so far; it encompasses an area of 35,600 km2 (3,560,000 hectares) at the farthest south east of Egypt.

Elba Protectorate is considered by taxonomists, botanists and ecologists to be the northernmost Afrotropical ecozone on Planet Earth, being located between the latitudes 23.3°N and 22°N in the north hemisphere.


Speech on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) and message of Islam

Source : / 19 Feb 2013

There have been many biographies written and speeches given on Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)that have provided a glimpse of his life, the role that he played as a Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), and the message that he brought for mankind. However, the speech delivered by Ja‘far bin Abi Talib to the Christian king of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in the 7th century to date is referenced as one of the most succinct and eloquent speeches that captured the moments of that era, and expressed the message of Islam concisely and clearly.


Sayings of Sayyiduna Umar al-Farooq (ra)

Source : / 21 Jan 2013

  2. 1. To eat less is healthy, to speak less is wisdom, and to sleep less is worship.
  4. 2. The one who steps back will not progress.

3. It is unbecoming of that person who sits with his hands folded and prays to ALLAH

4. After Iman (Faith), there is no greater gift than a pious wife.   

  1. 5. Attain knowledge before old age settles in.                     
  3. 6. Whosoever hides his secret keeps his safety, safeguarded with himself.                                          
  4. 7. The person who calls himself learned, indeed he is ignorant, and the one who calls himself from the dwellers of Paradise surely he is from the dwellers of Hell.                                               
  5. 8.The Strength in action is, never to put of what you can do today for tomorrow.                                             

The Manners and Character of Muhammad (pbuh)

Source : Agencies / 19 Jan 2013 


A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) said: "The trait and characteristic which the Prophet (pbuh) hated most was lying. A man would tell a lie in the presence of the Prophet (pbuh) and he would hold it against him, until he knew that he repented." (Tirmidthi #1973)


Children in the company of the Prophet Muhammad,(sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam)

Source: / 17 Jan 2013

Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, was compassionate and gentle towards all people. He used to treat everyone in a good way and he always wished goodness for them. His noble manners are an example for us all. Allaah praised him saying (what means): And verily, you (O Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) are on an exalted standard of character. [Quran 68:4]


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