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20% Muslim women in slums face health risks: Survey

Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan survey throws up shocking health care facts; most complain of no access to free medication and lack of clean toilets.

Approximately 20 per cent Muslim women in city’s slums suffer from prolonged illness. While 6 per cent suffer from high blood pressure, 8 per cent have diabetes, tuberculosis and thyroid malfunction and 3 per cent suffer from asthma, kidney stones and skin problems.


Arab youths see Russia as top foreign ally, says survey

There has been a dramatic shift in the perception of America by young Arabs over the past two years, with a solid majority — some 57 percent — now regarding the US as an enemy rather than an ally.
Instead, Russia is increasingly regarded as the top non-Arab ally by young people in the region, with 20 percent seeing it as the region’s best friend outside the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Two-thirds believe UAE police treat all equally

Source : TheNational / 22 Sep 2014

Residents believe police will treat them with respect regardless of their nationality and social standing.

About 8 in 10 (79 per cent) residents surveyed in a poll believe the police in their emirate would treat them fairly if they had dealings with them, while 66 per cent believed police treated all people equally.


New Poll Reveals Americans Consider Obama Presidency a ‘Failure’

Source : RIA / 10 Sep 2014

A new online poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News reveals that the majority of Americans categorize United States President Barack Obama’s tenure a “failure,” the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.


Most Americans want US to do less overseas - survey

Source : Voice of Russia / 27 Jun 2014

Most Americans want the United States to do less overseas, with the question of the country's global role divisive across the political spectrum, a survey said Thursday. Six in ten said the United States should focus more on home and less overseas, according to a wide-ranging study of US political views by the Pew Research Center. That figure was the same as in the last survey in 2011 but was up from 49 percent in 2005, in the midst of the Afghan and Iraq wars.


Identifying As Muslim On Resumes May Lead To Fewer Job Opportunities

Source : Huffington Post / 18 Jun 2014

Recent college grads, take note: Mentioning a campus religion group on your resume — particularly a Muslim club — may lead to significantly fewer job opportunities.

Two new sociology studies find new graduates who included a religious mention on a resume were much less likely to hear back from potential employers.


Shoppers leave GMO on shelves — survey

Source : ITAR-TASS / 06 Jun 2014

Shoppers are shunning genetically modified food, a Russian survey suggests.

Fifty-four percent of those questioned refused to buy anything labelled GMO, though 55% failed even to interpret the initials.

Those that did recognize GMO as  genetically modified organisms were classed as the well-educated of Moscow and St. Petersburg, returning figures of 71% and 70% in the poll results.


Half of Russians consider isolation from West hardly possible

Source : Itar-Tass / 24 Apr 2014

Every other Russian citizen believes that the country is unlikely to be isolated from the West, while 4% of the surveyed are sure that isolation will undoubtedly happen, a poll by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Centre (WCIOM) has found.


Most Arabs want more censorship of film and TV

Source : Al Arabiya / 21 Apr 2014

The majority of Arabs want tighter censorship of films and TV shows, according to a six-nation poll.

Around 69 percent of respondents felt there should be greater regulation of romantic content, while 74 percent said more should be done about on-screen violence, according to a survey by Northwestern University in Qatar in partnership with the Doha Film Institute.


‘Brits no more proud in nationality’

Source : Presstv / 15 Apr 2014

The pride of British people in their national identity has fallen to an all time low, a new study shows.

Figures from the British Social Attitudes survey, to be published later this year, revealed earlier this week that only a third of people are “very proud” to be British, compared with 43 percent a decade ago.


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