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Performing Salah to Perfection

Performing Salah to Perfection – A Reason for the Descent of Material Blessings

By Shaykh Said Afandi Al-Chirkawi ad-Daghestani an-Naqshbandi

Describing the characteristics of God-fearing people, Allah says: “They are people striving to perform the five times daily prayers with hudhur, fulfilling all its foundations and conditions, performing each bow and prostration to the utmost, and are consistent in it.”


Spiritual Benefits of Prayer

By / 28 Mar 2013

Remembrance of Allah

Almost every person in the modern world is involved in some basic worldly activity like earning a living, going to school, eating, sleeping, and socializing.  Naturally, we forget Allah and the obligations due to Him.  When we forget Allah, this life and its worries become the central occupation of the human mind.  Desires run wild.  A person begins to ‘chase his shadow’, something he can never catch.  For many, money becomes the sole goal of life.  The more you make, the more you spend, the more you want.


Prayer Movements & Health Benefits

Source : / 26 Jan 2013

For Muslims, praying five times is a liability. and turns the prayer movement provides a very remarkable influence to the health of our bodies.


 Giving blood flow from the veins contained dilengan to loaded into the eyes, ears, mouth.

 2. SEDEKAP (Charging Vein Organs of the Head)

 Pinning vein in the left arm so that the blood vessels in the hands of the right will expand. At the bow lifting tanganmau high-speed sprays of blood vessels in the right hand will fill existing blood vessels in the head.


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