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Breivik and the death of multiculturalism

By Abid Mustafa | Bikyamasr | 28 Apr 2012

Breivik the right-wing Norwegian extremist who admitted killing 77 people used court appearances to demand a “medal of honor” for killing “traitors” who had facilitated “Islamic colonization”. He also vehemently denounced multiculturalism and said,” We, the Norwegian resistance movement, will not just stand by while we are made a minority in our own country.” Breivik is not alone in his rile against multiculturalism.


Muslims as a Mirror: Germany's Unhealthy Obsession with Islam

A Commentary by Rolf Schieder | Spiegel Online / 26 Aug 2011

Muslims in Germany have been accused of many things, from threatening the feminist cause to trying to destroy German society through "demographic jihad." It isn't the Muslims that are the problem, however, but rather our obsession with Islam.


Islam and Europe: an equal and opposite reaction

Source : Eric Walberg
Middle East Online |  20 Aug 2011

Ramadan exemplifies the powerful spiritual calling of Islam. Dry fasting is more a test of the spirit, the will, proof of devotion, than just some health gimmick. And it is precisely this cultivation of mass “mind over matter” that frustrates Western secularists, so used to indulging every consumer fetish on a whim. Why are Muslims so stubborn in nurturing ancient beliefs and rituals when they fly in the face of modern capitalist society? Secular critics dismiss Islam as a harmful, even dangerous anachronism. Why disrupt one’s busy day five times to pray, slow down the whole economic order for an entire month every year, ban alcohol and interest -- the bedrock of Western society?


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