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Islamic clothing is an aspect of modesty

By Maryam Hedayat | islam.ru | 20 Mar 2014

Fashion as we identify today means to wear classy, stylish and trendy clothes, or we can say wearing branded  and  expensive clothes. Fashion is not only restricted to clothes,  but before using or buying anything like shoes, cosmetics, purse,furniture,  television, mobile, computer  etc., we first check whether it is in fashion or out of fashion.


Hijab? Still Needed? Why?

Source : World-Insights / 31 Dec 2012

The term “hijãb—الحجاب”  literally means a cover, curtain or screen.Until the Imperialists invaded Muslim Countries and the Muslims started mixing with non-believers, all our Muslim women walked in this world with great respect and dignity. The non-believers were finding it very difficult to come anywhere near the border of our Muslim sisters purity.


Modesty (haya): Inner and outer

By Christine Benlafquih | 12 Dec 2012

Muslims should possess both an inner and outer modesty. This is reflected in behavior, speech and appearance, and includes being mindful of God at all times.

For many people in the West, the modest dress of Muslims — particularly the woman’s head scarf, or hijab — has become synonymous with the concept of modesty in Islam.


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