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Gazans suffer growing health crisis due to medicine shortages

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza stressed that hundreds of patients in Gaza are in danger as the besieged enclave has been suffering from medicine shortages. Around half of the medicines needed are in short supply, according to Palestinian Deputy Minister of Health Yousef Abu-Rish. "This unprecedented situation puts the life of thousands of patients in the Gaza Strip at stake due to the lack of necessary medicines," he said in a statement.

30% of Gazans without daily income in Ramadan

Source : Middle East Monitor / 01 Jul 2014

Around 30 percent of the residents of the Gaza Strip are left without a daily income during the fasting month of Ramadan, a new survey showed on Sunday.Описание: Неизвестный объект

Around 600,000 people are left without daily income in the strip, which stands for 30 percent of Gaza's population of 1.8 million, said the Gaza Chamber of Commerce, an independent body.


First kidney transplant centre opens in Gaza

Source : MiddleEastMonitor / 19 May 2014

The Palestinian Minister of Health Dr Mufid Almakhllaty has said that the opening of a new specialist surgical department, as an extension of Shifa Hospital is a challenge to the siege of Gaza and a display of determination for freedom and development despite the devastation endured by the strip during the last two wars. Dr Almakhllaty made the comments during the opening of the building on Thursday afternoon.


Gaza enjoys best honey harvest in a decade

Source : Reuters / 17 May 2014

Gaza beekeepers say they are enjoying their best harvest in more than a decade in a region where conflict and poverty has seen honey production slashed by more than half in recent years.


Turkey to build new hospital in Gaza

Source : Reuters / 28 Mar 2014

Israel said on Thursday it will allow into the Gaza Strip construction materials and electric equipment to help build a Turkish-sponsored hospital, in a possible sign of improving ties with Ankara.


Desalination plant to be built in Gaza

Source : AFP / 26 Mar 2014

The European Union and UNICEF launched a project Thursday to build a desalination plant in the Gaza Strip to provide 75,000 Palestinians with drinking water.

A joint statement said the project will be implemented by UNICEF thanks to a 10-million-euro ($13.7-million) EU grant.


Gaza drinking water unusable by 2016, official warns

Source : Presstv / 24 Mar 2014

A Palestinian official says drinking water in the besieged Gaza Strip will become unusable by the year 2016 should desalination projects keep slowing down.


Gaza's power plant lights up again

Source : Reuters / 18 Mar 2014

The Gaza Strip’s sole power plant started up again on Monday after Israel allowed quantities of Qatari-paid fuel into the enclave to ease a power crisis, Palestinian officials said.

Gaza lacks much basic infrastructure and lives under an Egyptian-Israeli blockade meant to cut off arms flows but which also curbs imports of fuel and building supplies.


Gaza's economic woes pile up, unemployment soars

Source : Reuters / 22 Feb 2014

Voices of construction workers and the noise from their tools used to ring out in Gaza's streets. Now hulks of unfinished buildings stand in eerie silence, and the idle builders are left to worry how to make ends meet.

An Egyptian-Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip, run by the Hamas Islamist movement, has left industry and construction gasping for resources, pushing unemployment to dizzying heights and deepening suffering for impoverished residents.


80% of factories shut down in Gaza Strip

Source : World Bulletin / 11 Feb 2014

Gazan MP Jamal al-Khudari said that 80% of the factories in Gaza got fully or partially closed due to the continued siege, reported the Palestinian Media Agency.

Khudari, who is Head of the Popular Committee against the Siege, said Saturday in a press statement that the Israeli authorities are banning hundreds of raw material items to enter Gaza what caused the factories to stop working.


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