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MSF pulls out of Somalia

Source : AFP / 15 Aug 2013

Medical aid agency Doctors Without Borders (MSF) closed all its operations in war-torn Somalia on Wednesday, warning of growing insecurity, after 22 years of working in the Horn of Africa troublespot.

“The closure of our activities is a direct result of extreme attacks on our staff, in an environment where armed groups and civilian leaders increasingly support, tolerate, or condone the killing, assaulting, and abducting of humanitarian aid workers,” MSF president Unni Karunakara told reporters.


Somali famine ‘killed’ 258,000, half of them young children

Source : AFP / 3 May 2013

Almost 260,000 people, half of them young children, died of hunger during the last famine in Somalia, according to a UN report yesterday which admitted the world body should have done more to prevent the tragedy.


Nice beaches and good shopping

Source : Economist | Mogadishu | 17 Jul 2012

Despite the obvious risks, Badel Sheikh Mohamed is buying glass windows to replace the metal shutters on his print shop, Sign Jet, near the central K4 roundabout. It is a small act of faith in the future of the war-torn Somali capital that would have been unthinkable until recently. Inside, the printers are busier than ever before, turning out colourful hoardings to advertise new enterprises.


Is the Secret War in Yemen and Somalia Secret No Longer?

By Chris Woods |

In what is being viewed by some as a significant move towards greater transparency, President Obama has officially acknowledged for the first time previously secret US military combat operations in Yemen and Somalia.


Forgotten issues of Somalia

By Derya Goren | Muslimvillage | 29 May 2012

United Nations has officially declared the famine over but millions affected in Somalia are still in dire need of aid.


Could Somali famine deal a fatal blow to al-Shabab?

Source : Farouk Chothia | BBC African Service
Mogadishu | 09 Aug 2011

Somalia's militant Islamist group al-Shabab is in crisis, as it battles to cope with the famine that is far worse in areas under its control than other parts of the country, leading to reports of splits in the leadership of the al-Qaeda-linked group.

The famine has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee the Lower Shabelle and Bakool regions in search of food.


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