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Almost 1 in 5 Germans is ‘at risk of poverty’ despite record employment – study

Germany may be Europe’s biggest and strongest economy and is enjoying record employment, but one fifth of its citizens are struggling to make ends meet, a new study reveals.
Some 15.5 million people or 19 percent of the population in Germany were “at risk of poverty” or “social exclusion” in 2017, the Federal Statistics Office said.

Germany reports 20% rise in attacks on foreigners

Source : AP / 19 Jun 2014

The number of attacks against foreigners in Germany rose 20 per cent last year to the highest level since 2006, government figures released on Wednesday showed.

There were 473 xenophobic attacks in 2013, up from 393 the previous year, including three attempted homicides, according to the country's annual report on extremist activity.


A schoolboy is obtaining the right in court to pray at school


A schoolboy from Leipzig appealed to the Federal Administrative Court of Germany to get permission to pray during school hours, report German media on Wednesday.  


Muslims as a Mirror: Germany's Unhealthy Obsession with Islam

A Commentary by Rolf Schieder | Spiegel Online / 26 Aug 2011

Muslims in Germany have been accused of many things, from threatening the feminist cause to trying to destroy German society through "demographic jihad." It isn't the Muslims that are the problem, however, but rather our obsession with Islam.


Germany tries to forge European brand of Islam

Source : James Angelos | The Wall Street Journal
OSNABRÜCK : Germany | 03 Aug 2011

Having given birth to the Protestant Reformation and the current pope, Germany is now at the fore of a broad effort to foster a European theological tradition for a relative newcomer: Islam.


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