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Lifting weight helps beat depression, new study suggests

Having an exercise routine is important for bodily health, as it has been proven that adding muscle tone helps to decrease injury risk and improve bone health.
However, new scientific evidence suggests that regular strength training may also ward off and fight symptoms of depression.Brett Gordon from Limeric University in Ireland has conducted a study on 2,000 participants who are suffering from depression as well as with those who have no mental illnesses.

Dua's to remove Depression and Worries

Source : Alquranclasses / 31 Dec 2012

Mankind comes across many afflictions and trials, sometimes in overwhelming sequences. Removing the darkness of these worries, distresses, depression and grief is a very important matter to which Islaam gives serious attention…There are many authentic Dua’s and Supplication from Hadith which can help us remove anxieties according to Islam. If we are feeling depressed, we should strengthen our belief in Allah and predestination (Qada wa Qadar) and recite these supplication for depression and worries.


Brain training technique can treat depression

By PressTV | 10 Jun 2012

Researchers say a brain training technique can help depressed people treat their condition by controlling activity in a specific part of the brain.


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