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Asian arrivals helping set new Umrah record

By Irfan Mohammed / 23 Mar 2013

A large number of Umrah pilgrims arriving from Asian countries this week are about to set a new record.

The Ministry of Haj has indicated that more than 6 million pilgrims are likely to come for Umrah this year, up from 5.5 million last year.

The season opened on Dec. 14 last year, and will close on Aug. 22.


More than 6 million Umrah pilgrims expected this year

Source : Arab news / 16 Feb 2013

Over six million Umrah pilgrims are expected in Saudi Arabia this year, one million more than last year, said Minister of Haj Bandar bin Mohammed Al-Hajjar, in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency yesterday.

“The number of Umrah pilgrims is expected to cross the one million mark in the month of Ramadan alone. An average of 400,000 pilgrims are arriving every month this season,”said Al-Hajjar.


Seven Reasons to Perform Hajj While Young

By Ibn Shaima | SuhaibWeb.com | 2 Jun 2012

"The feet of man will not slip on the Day of Resurrection until he is asked of five things: of his life as to how he spent it, his youth as to how he used it, his wealth as to where he got it and how he spent it, and of his knowledge as to what he did with it." (Tirmithi)


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