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Israeli occupation

Hamas appoints first female spokesperson

Source : World Bulletin / 06 Nov 2013

Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas appointed a woman as their first English-language spokeswoman on Sunday.

Israa Al-Mudallal, 23, a journalist who spent years as a child in the United Kingdom, said in an interview that she would "address Western and Israeli media" and would "work to change media discourse, painting a different picture of Palestine and Gaza."


Israelization of Egypt: Now Egypt is targeting Gaza Fishermen

Source : Abdurrahman Aydin / 29 Oct 2013

It is reported by famous internet website The Electronic Intifada that, in the last few weeks, the Egyptian navy is harassing Palestinian fishermen on a continuous base by arresting and injuring them and damaging their fishing boats. The shift of power in Egypt since July 3 has not just led to border closures for those wanted to cross into the country from Gaza. Besides, it caused a rapid decline in the transport of basic goods, which is partly affected by the restrictions on fishing rights.


Palestinian downturn bites, aid falters, tunnels collapse

Source : Reuters / 28 Oct 2013

The arteries of Gaza's economy have collapsed as Egypt demolishes the smuggling tunnels along its sandy border.

Ancient stone villages in the occupied West Bank have become trapped in rural poverty, while investors and donors shy away from a zone of seemingly endless conflict.

The crackdown on the Gaza Strip and stagnation in the West Bank mean the Palestinian economy might shrink this year after average annual growth of about nine percent in 2008-2011.


Israel arrested 10,000 Palestinian children since 2000

Source : IINA / 3 Oct 2013

The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees and Ex-detainees on Saturday said that the Israeli forces arrested 10,000 Palestinian since the outbreak of second Intifada in September 2000.

The ministry said in a report on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the second Intifada, also known as the Al-Aqsa Intifada, that Israel is holding 250 children in prisons and detention camps in Israel and in the West Bank.


Israel fears normal Iran-US ties: Analyst

Source : Presstv / 2 Oct 2013
The Israeli regime and its lobby in the United States are worried about the likelihood of normalization of ties between Tehran and Washington, a political analyst says.
“The Tel Aviv regime and the pro-Israel lobby in the United States are clearly worried about the diplomatic impact of [Iran President Hassan] Rouhani’s UN visit and the qualitative steps forward which were taken by both the US and Iran toward dialog and negotiation,” Kaveh L. Afrasiabi wrote in a Monday article for Press TV. 


80 percent of Israeli Jews say peace deal impossible

Source : Agencies / 17 Aug 2013

Almost 80 percent of Israeli Jews believe a peace deal with the Palestinians is impossible, an opinion poll found on Friday, two days after the resumption of negotiations in Jerusalem.

Asked whether “this time, we will reach a final agreement that will put an end to the conflict,” 79.7 percent of respondents said no, and just 6.2 percent said yes.

Another 14.1 percent expressed no opinion.


Gaza’s ark: a bid to break Israel’s blockade…from within

Source : AFP / 31 Jul 2013

Palestinian laborers and foreign activists are working tirelessly to transform a large fishing boat into “Gaza’s Ark” with the aim of exporting local produce in the latest bid to break Israel’s blockade on the coastal strip.

The Ark, which is being fitted out to carry goods and more than 100 passengers, is expected to set sail for Europe when it is completed by the end of July in the latest high-profile attempt to challenge Israel’s maritime lockdown on the tiny Hamas-run territory.


Innovative mobile health clinic reaches patients in West Bank

Source : Reuters / 12 Jul 2013 

A mobile health clinic powered by solar energy has opened its doors in a West Bank village.

The first facility of its kind, funded by foreign donors in co-ordination with the Palestinian ministry of health, was set up in Walajeh village near Bethlehem.

The mobile clinic is the only health facility that the villagers are permitted as they live in the designated ‘C’ zone of the West Bank.


Israeli actors protest closing Palestinian theater

By AP / 2 July 2013

Puppeteers from the Israeli version of Sesame Street protested Monday against Israel’s closure of a Palestinian children’s puppet festival, arguing that puppet theater poses no threat to Israeli security.


Palestinians struggle to make ends meet as food prices rise

Source : Al Arabiya / 27 June 2013

Palestinians are finding it hard to secure payments for food as certain prices in the territories have doubled.

Suhaib Hamad, dressed in traditional attire, has sold licorice juice in the vegetable market in Ramallah for the last five years. Hamad sells one licorice-filled glass for a quarter of a dollar. But the demand for his juice is taking a dive as the price of sugar, the main ingredient for the drink has doubled.


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