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Higher education

Saudi ranks high in public spending on education

Source : Tradearabia / 24 May 2014

Saudi Arabia has been ranked seventh globally for its high public spending on education in the latest 'Learning Curve Index' published by Pearson, a leading learning company, which rates the educational performance of 39 countries.  


Immigrants 'better educated than British'

Source : World Bulletin / 13 Feb 2014 

In comparison with most other European countries, the UK is attracting highly educated and skilled immigrants, according to University of London Economics Professor, Christian Dustmann.

The UK has recently been embroiled in an immigration debate that has called for stricter immigration laws and tighter enforcements.


Little progress on girls' education in developing countries - report

Source : / 31 Jan 2014

One out of four young people in poor countries - and one of three young women in South and West Asia - are unable to read all or even part of a sentence, according to a new report, which estimates 175 million youths in developing countries are illiterate.


Top places to learn Arabic in the Middle East

Source : Faith Barker / Al Arabiya News / 28 Dec 2013

The fallout from the unrest in the Middle East has made the choices for those hoping to study Arabic in the region narrower and more challenging.

However, adventurous students are still drawn to the Arab world to learn a language spoken by hundreds of millions around the globe.


Global attention turns to education for countering extremism

Source : Claudette Yazbek / Al Arabiya / 7 Dec 2013

Amid the high financial cost of combating religious extremism, global attention appears to be shifting to the role that education may play in containing the phenomenon.

In a recent address to the United Nations, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair explained that extremism is rooted in the perversion of religious belief, because it uses faith to justify violence against innocent civilians.


Ministry warns students against mocking Islam

By Ibrahim Naffee / 2 Oct 2013

The Ministry of Education has warned that it would expel any student found mocking Islam or spreading illicit ideas at school. Penalties for violating the code of behavior include preventing a student from pursuing studies for one academic year. The ministry would notify all education departments of its decision without naming the accused.

The ministry called on school principals to inform their local education department of such cases so student committees could launch investigations. These committees should have sessions with students implicated in such behavior.


UAE education is fourth most expensive in the world

By Cleofe Maceda / 23 Aug 2013

International students looking to study and live in the UAE continue to pay among the highest premiums in the world.

The cost of studying in the UAE is equivalent to about half (51 per cent) of the gross domestic product (GDP) per person, or nearly $28,000 (Dh102,760) per year, making it the fourth most expensive country for foreigners to study and live in, according to the latest research by HSBC.


Higher education may boost longevity

By PressTV | 16 May 2012

Maybe spending another year behind the school desk would become more interesting if we know that those with a higher education may also have a higher length of life.


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