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Islam in Russia

The Great Shamil, Imam of Daghestan and Chechnya, Shaykh of Naqshbandi tariqah.

There is a hadith which says that worthy people can be appreciated only by worthy ones. They say, when we mention pious people Allah grants us His blessings. So, hoping for Allah’s blessings, we are going to say few words about Imam Shamil.

Unfortunately, dear brothers, there are those among us who condemn, blame Imam Shamil, say untrue words about him. For example, some say that imam and his murids fought for the mundane wealth. Others say that Imam fought for both glory and power, or say he was a cruel merciless man. Some assert the Imam surrendered and so was taken captive and that was his mistake because he had to fight till the victory.


The Khanty and Mansi once were Muslims

Islam came to Siberia more than 600 years ago. The ancient manuscripts stored in the Tobolsk city museum-preserve tell of the coming of 366 Sufi of the Nakshbandiya tariqah and 1,700 warriors of Sheban Khan from Central Asia to Siberia. On the banks of the Irtysh they "committed a great battle for faith."

History of Hajj in Russia

The Soviet period of the history of the Russian State is marked, beginning with repression and ending with the collapse of mosques and their transformation into cattle yards, expulsions of Alims to Siberia and simply their unaddressed disappearance, prohibition of praying, reciting the Quran and performing Hajj.

Ten facts about Islam and Russia that everyone should know

There are a record-breaking seven Muslim-majority nations taking part in this year’s World Cup in Russia, meaning that millions of Muslim football fans have flooded the huge Eurasian country, turning it into one of the most ‘Muslim’ World Cups yet. But this isn’t the first time Russia has experienced a wave of Muslim arrivals. In fact, the country has an Islamic history stretching back almost 1400 years, as these great Muslim Russian facts reveal.      

The history of Islam in Russia

Official history not only does not disclose for the masses the origin of Rus and the Slavs, but also for a long time tried to hide the influence of other faiths on the formation of the culture of our country. We bring to the attention of readers the material testifying to the acceptance and existence of Islam in Russia.

The Golden Horde and Islam

When studying the history of the Golden Horde, Russian school textbooks, as a rule, do not see a special difference between Mongols and modern Tatars, and this in turn leads to such a widespread, but obviously erroneous view that the warriors of Khan Baty represented the Muslim army.
This opinion is formed as if by default. An in-depth approach to the coverage of this topic in the study of the Golden Horde period of Russian history is practically absent.

Murat Ramzi - the great son of the Bashkir people

Often the life path of talented and extraordinary people develops dramatically and even tragically, and we are not surprised that they have to overcome severe trials and losses.
But forgetting the personalities who made a significant contribution to culture and loss of their names from the historical memory of people - is this not the most bitter injustice?

The ancient and mighty roots of Islam in Russia. Saksin - a city-state

A little-studied page in the history of independent state formations in the Lower Volga region prior to the appearance of the Golden Horde is Saksin.

The emergence of this city-state is associated with the dissolution of the Khazar Khaganate, one of the most powerful states of its time, on which virtually all nearby tribes and peoples depended, from the Bulgars to the Slavs. But, like most empires, whose rulers forget about the moral and ethical foundations, Khazaria also fell under the blows of the more successful neighbors.


Sheikh Bayazit Khayrullin - Russian renown scholar and spiritual mentor

The renowned theologian Bayazit-Sheikh Khayrullin was born in 1871 and grew up in Ufa. His military service Bayazit-Sheikh completed in Vladikavkaz, where he showed himself as a honest and trustworthy Muslim.
Seeing the religiousness of the young man, the commander of the military unit offered him his help in obtaining Islamic education. He gave Khayrullin the direction to study in the madrassas of Orenburg, where sheikh studied for three years, after which he returned to Vladikavkaz to become a local imam.

Exhibition of rare copies of Holy Quran to be held in Ural

Source : islam.ru / 12 Jul 2014

In honor of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the month of the revelation of the Holy Quran, in scientific library of UGGU opens an exhibition "Secrets of the Holy Book." 

During the exhibition will be displayed about one hundred Qurans from around the world, including rare copies of pre-revolutionary period, of which particular value will be rare copies of Holy Quran - the first printed Qurans issued during the reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801-1825) by Muslim Tatars. 


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