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Islamic Economics

How Sharia-compliant is Islamic banking?

By John Foster : Former editor, Islamic Business & Finance magazine | 10 Jul 2012

The Islamic finance industry has often battled with the question: How Islamic is Islamic banking?


Identity crisis: Islamic banking - in search of a lost soul

By Humayon Dar | Tribune | London | 4 Jun 2012

There is no doubt that Islamic banking and finance must always fulfil the requirements of Islamic jurisprudence. However, it is increasingly being felt that Islamic banking must go beyond the law and imbue the ethical spirit of Islam to remain relevant to the needs of Muslim communities around the world.


Islamic economics and its comprehension

By Mohammed Al Balushi | Oman Observer | 25 Apr 2012

Economics, regardless of whether it is micro economics or a macro, is a subject which needs to be understood from the roots to its branches. Economic is the subject which does not differ from one religion to another. It is a subject which fits all societies. It is the need of all human beings.


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