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Exercise Vs. Diet: The Brain’s Dilemma

An emerging theme that is becoming dominant in neuroscience literature are the positive effects of dietary restriction on cognitive function. If you eat less, it seems that you will become smarter. Moreover, another line of neuroscience research is showing the benefits of exercise on learning and memory. In fact, multiple studies have shown the improved learning and memory in those who engage in exercise programs. The benefits of exercise have also been shown to reverse the decline in memory of older men and women.


Reducing TV time lowers bad food habits

By PressTV | 30 May 2012

People who reduce their coach habits such as TV time are more likely to make effortless healthy changes in their diet such as eating less junk food and saturated fats.


Exercise, vitamin D may prevent falls: guidelines

By Kerry Grens | Reuters | New York | 29 May 2012

Older adults who are at high risk of falls should have physical therapy and take vitamin D supplements to reduce their chance of injury, according to new recommendations from a government-backed panel.


Exercise helps smokers to quit smoking

Exercise may help smokers to quit and remain smokefree, according to new data presented today at the World Congress of Cardiology. Moreover, exercise increases life expectancy in smokers and non-smokers alike.


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