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Ex-Marlboro man dies from smoking-related disease

Source : AP / 29 Jan 2014

Eric Lawson, who portrayed the rugged Marlboro man in cigarette ads during the late 1970s, has died. He was 72.

Lawson died Jan. 10 at his home in San Luis Obispo of respiratory failure due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, his wife, Susan Lawson said Sunday.


Second-hand smoke increases dementia risk

Source : Presstv 18 Jan 2013

Researchers suggest that people exposed to environmental tobacco smoke are threatened by increasing risk of severe dementia syndromes.

Passive smoking, also known as ‘second-hand’ smoke, can cause neurological disease of dementia besides cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, according to the recent study conducted by the researchers from Anhui Medical University in China and King's College London.


6 Ways to Stay Shisha-Free

When you start to quit smoking Shisha for good, you need to know the ways to help you stay smoke free. Sometimes, people may claim that quitting smoking is really not a big deal. They say it when they have stopped smoking for a short while, maybe even just a day. But after several months, or even a day or two, they resume their previous smoking habits. You can prevent that from happening by being informed on how to deal with the struggle of quitting.


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