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7 healthy snacks

By Racha Adib / Al Arabiya / 11 Sep 2014

It’s time we gave snacks a place in our diet. Instead of skipping them altogether and overindulging when your will power runs low, learn to embrace the right snacks that can satisfy your cravings with the minimal calories. Although you may think snacking between meals isn’t good for you, it’s quite the opposite. Snacking can help boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels and keep you from binging.


Eating Colorful Produce May Help Prevent ALS

By Jessica Berman / 5 Feb 2013

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS, is a rare but devastating neuromuscular condition with no known cure which is nearly always fatal.

However, a new study in the Annals of Neurology suggests preventing the paralyzing disease might be as simple as eating a diet of brightly-colored fruits and vegetables. 

ALS is believed to result, in part, from damage to motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord. For reasons not fully understood, corrosive oxygen molecules, called free radicals, overwhelm the body's cell maintenance and repair systems, inflicting irreversible damage on the nerve cells, causing progressive, and eventually total, paralysis.


Healthy food options for controlling Blood Sugar

Source : Naturefresh / 19 Dec 2012


All the cells in our body and especially the brain need a constant supply of glucose, oxygen and specific micronutrients in order to function normally. A lack of glucose can make us feel tired, irritable, hungry, angry, dizzy, short of breath, nauseous, feverish and very confused. These are warning signals that are relayed from various parts of the body to the brain to report glucose depletion at a cellular level. Despite the fact that you may already have plenty of sugar in your bloodstream, insulin is required to transport that glucose into the cells so it can be used as fuel.


Exercise Vs. Diet: The Brain’s Dilemma

An emerging theme that is becoming dominant in neuroscience literature are the positive effects of dietary restriction on cognitive function. If you eat less, it seems that you will become smarter. Moreover, another line of neuroscience research is showing the benefits of exercise on learning and memory. In fact, multiple studies have shown the improved learning and memory in those who engage in exercise programs. The benefits of exercise have also been shown to reverse the decline in memory of older men and women.


Half of all cancers are preventable

Half of all cancers could be prevented if people just adopted healthier behaviors, US scientists argued on Wednesday.

Smoking is blamed for a third of all US cancer cases and being overweight leads to another 20 percent of the deadly burden that costs the United States some $226 billion per year in health care expenses and lost productivity.


What you need to know before eating out

By Manal M. Samarkandy |ArabNews| 23 Jan 2012

Fast food refers to food that can be prepared and served quickly. Fast food restaurants usually have a walk-up counter or drive-through window where you order and pick up your food.


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