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Islam in UK

Low pay leaves millions in poverty in UK: Report

Source : Presstv / 12 Feb 2014

Millions of British lowest-paid workers are not to benefit from the economic recovery in the UK unless employers stop paying them poverty wages, a new report says.

According to the study by an independent commission, chaired by Archbishop of York John Sentamu, stagnant wages and rising living costs are creating a “double squeeze” on the lowest paid in the UK.


Police across the country record surge in anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2013

By Chris Richards /

In May alone - the month when two extremists murdered soldier Lee Rigby in London - the Metropolitan Police recorded 104 Islamophobic offences

Hate crimes against Muslims rocketed across the country this year.

From January to mid-November 2013, the UK's biggest police force, the Metropolitan Police, recorded 500 Islamophobic offences - up from 336 in 2012 and 318 in 2011.


UK: Make way for Halal chocolate

By Tariq A. Al-Maeena / Eat-Halal / 5 Dec 2013

The British love affair with chocolates is legendary and secondary only to the Swiss. In a study carried out a couple of years ago, consumption by weight of chocolate per head in Britain exceeded any EU country. And chocolates rise above issues, such as religion, culture and other social barriers. Everybody likes to have bite of that sinful delight every now and then.


New hostel to open for homeless Muslim women in UK

Source : World Bulletin / 2 Dec 2013

A UK-based Islamic charity, the National Zakat Foundation, is set to open their third hostel to help homeless Muslim women.

The charity has said that around 100 Muslim women, aged between 18 to 72, have contacted them since their two other hostels in London and Birmingham opened last year. They will now open one in Manchester.


UK Muslim women suffer Islamophobic attacks: Study

Source : Presstv / 21 Nov 2013

Muslim women are more likely to be targeted by Islamophobic attacks than men in Britain, a new study has found.

According to the report, entitled "Maybe We Are Hated," about 58 percent of those experiencing Islamophobia in the UK between April 2012 and April 2013 were female.


Queen appoints Muslim convert as High Sheriff

Source : World Bulletin / 19 Nov 2013

Eton College graduate and 8th Earl of Yarborough, Charles John Pelham, otherwise known as Abd al-Mateen, is set to become the first Muslim High Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

Charles John Pelham, 50, inherited a £68 million estate from his father, the 7th Earl of Yarborough, in 1991. He is also a master of the Brocklesby Hunt, and President of Brocklesby Park Cricket Club.


UK scraps visa requirement for Gulf travelers

Source : Al Arabiya / 15 Nov 2013

Passport holders of the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman will no longer need a visa to travel to the UK starting from next year.

 The UK government has said on its website that the country’s first ever electronic visa waiver scheme will be launched early next year“to make it cheaper and easier for business travelers and tourists to visit the UK from Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.”


British Muslims generate £31bln to economy

Source : World Bulletin  / 08 Nov 2013

A report published by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) estimated 10,000 Muslim millionaires are among 2.78 million Muslims in the UK contributing over £31 billion to the British economy. Recently the Sunday Times published a Rich List for the year 2013, in which over a dozen Muslims were named.

In London over 13,400 Muslim-owned businesses are creating more than 70,000 jobs, in the report marking the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) which was held in London last week.


UK to provide £100 million for Muslim entrepreneurs

Source : / 31 Oct 2013

London's mayor Boris Johnson has announced that the government plans to create a £100 million fund for Islamic technology entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in the UK. He proposed the plan at the World Islamic Economic Forum in London on Tuesday.

“Britain is a global hub for the tech industry, while the Islamic world has young entrepreneurs with ambitious ideas,” he was quoted as saying by The National.


Halal food lovers fill up at London exhibition

By Mustapha Zarou / 1 Oct 2013

The world’s largest halal food festival was held in London this week, reflecting the fast growing halal market in Britain.
The three day halal event offered a chance to explore the diversity of the halal food market and its potential.

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