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SE Asia

'Europe is poor so should live within its means'

| 07 Feb 2012

For decades the West has lectured the East on how to manage its economies. Not any more.

Now the emerging economies of Asia look like models of steady, consistent policy and sustained growth while Europe, America and Japan are mired in debt and are growing achingly slowly, if at all.

So what can the West learn from the East?


The Arab Spring and the model of Islam in SE Asia

Southeast Asia is referred to in Sanskrit as Suvarnabhumi, as Nanyang in Chinese, as Serambi Mekah - verandah of Mecca - in Malay, and as Zirbadat - "lands below the winds" - by the Arabs and Persians.

By Imtiyaz Yusuf | The Nation | 17 Jan 2012


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