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Saudi women

Saudi women’s social enterprise protects Syrian refugees from hunger, thirst and loneliness

As you return home, to your home, think of others, do not forget the people of the camps,” said Mahmoud Darwish in one of his most well-known poems, “Think of Others.” Darwish was regarded as the Palestinian national poet and lived between 1941 and 2008.
Fatimah Al-Bassam, 26 (@FatimaAlBassam) and Nouf Aburas, 28 (@Noufaburas) are two young Saudi women who were on a voluntary trip to Al-Azraq camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan when they decided to start a social business to offer a sustainable solution to help the refugees.

Responsibilities of Saudi police women inside Prophet’s Mosque

Source : Saudi Gazette / 05 Sep 2014

They help the elderly and sick, guide pilgrims, crack down on pickpockets, break up fights among visitors and even help find girls who take refuge inside the Prophet's Mosque after running away from their families.


Saudi female scientist to speak at world science conference

Source : Arab news / 21 Aug 2014

A leading Swiss scientific foundation has chosen a female Saudi Shoura Council member to speak alongside international personalities at a conference highlighting the role of science in finding solutions to contemporary global problems.


300 female supervisors to work at Makkah Grand Mosque

Source : Saudi Gazette / 07 Jul 2014

The women’s section of Saudi Arabia's Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, known as the religious police, has prepared 300 women to supervise female gatherings in the Grand Mosque.


Saudi women don’t need mahram OK for travel within KSA

Source : Arab news / 27 Jun 2014

Around 64 percent of Saudi women are unaware of their right to travel inside the Kingdom without obtaining the approval of their guardians, local media reported, quoting a recently published study.


Saudi women to get driving licenses

Source : Arab News / 21 Jun 2014

The Shoura Council is studying a proposal to allow Saudi women to apply for international driving licenses in the Kingdom, which would allow them to drive abroad but with the ban still in place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Saudi woman stabbed 16 times in UK hate crime

Source : Huffington Post / 20 Jun 2014

A Saudi Arabian student stabbed to death in brutal attack on an Essex footpath may have been targeted for her Islamic dress.

Detectives are investigating the possibility Nahid Almanea was targeted because she was wearing the abaya - a full-length navy blue robe - and a multi-coloured headscarf.


First Saudi woman appointed to a top OIC post

Source : Saudi Gazette / 01 May 2014

Maha Akeel, a Saudi journalist who was the managing editor of OIC journal, has been appointed the Director of Information and Public Relations at the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The appointment of a woman as a Director of a department is a shot-in-the-arm for women empowerment.


Saudi Shura wants Islam-compliant sports education for girls

Source : Saudi Gazette / 10 Apr 2014

The Saudi Shura Council demanded the Ministry of Education on Tuesday to study adding physical fitness programs for girls in government schools in conformity with shariah.

Private schools were allowed last year to start sport classes for girls. The Council called on the ministry to coordinate with the Ministry of Higher Education to lay down suitable training programs for female teachers, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.


Biometrics for expat women ‘mandatory’

Source : Arab News / 09 Apr 2014 

The Passport Department will soon make it mandatory for expat women over 18 to record their biometric information if they want to travel, get new iqamas and final exit visas.

Women would have to register their biometric details at a local passport office, according to local media.


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