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A Balanced Diet - Prescribed in the Qur’an

Source : / 21 Jan 2013

The Qur’an has not restricted itself in merely mentioning the permissible and impermissible foods but goes to the extent of giving useful tips regarding a balanced diet, a diet which contains most if not all the useful ingredients required for the growth, strengthening and repairing of the human body. These ingredients include animal protein, fat, calcium, iron, salts, etc. The most balanced diets consist of meat, fish, fresh milk, cheese and fruit. Both direct and indirect references have been made regarding the afore mentioned.


A Delicious Trifle

By Dina Samaha / 2 Jan 2013

A trifle is a very delicious dessert. Sweet, creamy, with the added fruit and sponge-cake, it is an ideal dessert after a heavy meal. And if you like fruits, jelly and custard in your dessert, trifles will accommodate it.

The best thing about trifle is that it’s easy to make. It doesn’t need you to be professional chef, in all cases this dessert can be made successfully without any previous experience.

While there are many different trifle recipes, most trifles conform to the basic structure of sponge cake, jelly, fruit, custard, whipped cream and, optionally, grated chocolate.


Frequent eating tied to less weight gain in girls: study

By REUTERS | 13 Jan 2012 

Girls who ate frequent meals and snacks put on less weight and gained less on their waistlines over a decade than those who only ate a couple of times a day, according to a US study.


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