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UK researchers link consumption of junk memes to teen obesity & other ‘unhealthy’ habits

Hopping on the “blame the memes” bandwagon, UK researchers have sent a letter to Parliament warning that kids are learning poor health habits from the memes they share on social media.

UK mulls banning energy drinks for children in England

The British government has announced plans to ban the sales of energy drinks to children, amid growing concern about the impact that the high-caffeine, high-sugar drinks are having on young people’s health.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement on Thursday that consultations will begin on imposing a ban on sales of energy drinks over the health concerns.

UK child mortality rate one of the highest in Western Europe

Source : RT / 05 May 2014

Britain has one of the highest mortality rates in Western Europe for children under five, new research has revealed. Experts say factors like poverty, deprivation and smoking during pregnancy contributed to the premature deaths of 3,000 children in 2012.


​Britain wasted £34 billion on military interventions since Cold War

Source : RT / 24 Apr 2014

Since 1990 the United Kingdom wasted around $57 billion on military interventions, primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan, which were later judged to be strategic failures, a study published by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) says.


UK government wasted $1bn on flu drugs: Study

Source : Presstv / 10 Apr 2014

The British government has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on stockpiling ineffective medicine for emergency treatment of flu, a study shows.

Oxford University conducted the study and published the results on Thursday.


UK’s healthcare system wastes over $75 million on unnecessary staff

Source : RT / 03 Apr 2014

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is wasting dozens of millions of public money on over 1,100 “unnecessary jobs” such as car park environmental officers and art curators, the think tank TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) revealed.


Almost half of Britons pessimistic about budget: Poll

Source : Presstv / 21 Mar 2014

Almost half of Britons expect the coalition government’s 2014 budget to be bad for them personally, a new poll shows.


Scientists urge UK govt to ditch ‘dysfunctional’ GMO regulations

Source : RT / 15 Mar 2014

There is no evidence that GM crops are more dangerous than conventionally farmed food, a group of scientists allegedly linked to the biotech industry have advised UK PM David Cameron. Critics say the group is funded by the GM lobby.

In an advisory report to David Cameron issued Friday, senior scientists suggest that approval for commercial cultivation of new GM crops within the EU should be made at a national level, as it is now with pharmaceuticals.


Study: one in five UK veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan turn to alcohol

Source : Al Arabiya / 03 Mar 2014

Around 33,000 British men and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are turning to alcohol to cope with combat-related stress, according to a recent study by UK researchers.

The statistic means that one in five formerly deployed military personnel are drinking at “harmful levels,” British newspaper the Daily Mail reported on Thursday.


Number of England rough sleepers up by third in 3 yrs

Source : Presstv / 27 Feb 2014

The number of people sleeping rough in England has increased by more than a third over a period of three years, new official figures show.

According to the statistics, released by the UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government on Tuesday, there were some 2,414 people rough sleeping on any one night across England in 2013, showing an increase of 37 percent when compared with the 2010 data.


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