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What is forbidden due to marriage is forbidden due to fosterage

Source : / 2 Feb 2013

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations, and Peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad, the faithful and the honest.

"Oh, Allah, we know nothing but what You teach us. You are the All- Knower, the Wise. Oh Allah, teach us what is good for us, and benefit us from what You taught us, and increase our knowledge. Show us the righteous things as righteous and help us to do them, and show us the bad things as bad and help us to keep away from them".


30,626 couples divorced in 2011

Source : Arab News / 26 Jan 2013

The Ministry of Justice has disclosed that the number of divorces in the Saudi Arabia reached 30,626 in 2011 against 162,880 registered marriage contracts.

 The figures appeared in a statistical report for the year 2011 recently published by the Ministry of Justice.

 “Of the total number of divorces, 26,840 were husband-initiated cases accounting for 87.6 percent, while 1,071 cases were “khul”, which is when a wife demands divorce, and 2,715 were annulment cases,”according to the report.


Pakistanis Turn to Divorce, Liberty Blamed

By OnIslam & News Agencies / 11 Jan 2013 

Pakistani women are increasingly turning to divorce to escape abusive and loveless marriages, a phenomenon blamed by some on the rising empowerment and freedoms.

"If you are earning, the only thing you need from the guy is love and affection,” 26-year-old divorcee Rabia, a reporter, told Reuters.


Brunei Study finds Muslim divorce after 10-14 years increasing

By Rabiatul Kamit / 2 Jan 2013 

Divorce rates in the country continue to rise among Muslim couples who have been married for 10 to 14 years.

The Brunei Darussalam Statistical Yearbook (BDSYB) for 2011, which was released last week, revealed that marriages lasting 10 to 14 years have consistently topped the divorce rates over the past five years.

These couples account for 20.6 per cent or 95 cases out of the 459 divorces registered in 2011. However, overall divorce rates have dropped 4.9 per cent last year compared to 2010.


UN Recognizes International Day of the Girl Child

Source : Agencies | 12 Oct 2012

The first United Nations International Day of the Girl Child was observed Thursday with a worldwide call to end child marriage.

The day was designed to recognize the rights of girls around the world and highlight the unique challenges they face.


Latin Women Find Love on Muslim Dating Websites

By Giangina Orsini | Albawaba | 30 Dec 2011

Estela* looks at herself in the shop’s mirror while she tries a big winter coat. She seems like any other traditional Egyptian Muslim wearing a discrete hijab and Jallabiya that generously cover her well-rounded curves. At least until a few minutes later when, with a distinct Peruvian Spanish and a playful smile, she asks her friend: “Do you think this jacket shows my butt?”


The Fatwa concerning the permissibility of marrying women of the Book

According to the Shafi’i madhab

In Mu’ni al-Muhtaj a well-known alim of the Shafi’i madhab Khatib al-Shirbini writes: “Islam allows Muslim men marrying women of the Book. These are Christian and Jewish women. Allah says in Qur’an: “... (Lawful unto you in marriage) are (not only) chaste women who are believers, but chaste women among the People of the Book, revealed before your time,- when ye give them their due dowers, and desire chastity, not lewdness, nor secret intrigues if any one rejects faith, fruitless is his work, and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual good). (Surah Al-Ma'idah, ayah 5)


Marriage breakdowns: A disturbing trend

Source : Arab News
JEDDAH | 19 Jun 2011

There were 500,000 divorce cases in Saudi Arabia in less than two decades, Asharq Al-Awsat, a sister publication of Arab News, reported Friday quoting a field study that claimed the figures represented a worrying trend.

The study, conducted by researcher Salman bin Muhammad Al-Amri, said divorces were particularly common among young couple and asked for establishing special offices for marriage counseling under the umbrella of Shariah courts.


Costly Afghan weddings under government scrutiny

Source : AP
KABUL : Afghanistan | 20 Jun 2011

Some brides in Afghanistan change their outfits up to 10 times. Throw in the six-hour trips to the beauty parlors and the meals for 1,000 guests — and one wedding alone could bankrupt many Afghans.

Now the Justice Ministry is proposing limits on the lavish events to cut down on the pressure poor Afghans face to match the elite’s elaborate weddings. The government is specifically targeting party halls — and threatening to fine owners who flout the austerity rules.


Marriage after 50 a unique challenge

Source : Diana Al-Jassem | Arab News
JEDDAH | 24 Apr 2011

Marriage is a wonderful experience that every person wants to have when he or she is young. But not only youngsters want to get married, more and more older people also tie the knot, even beyond the age of 50.

However, for women these late marriages constitute a considerable challenge. Some even fear they are going to end in a catastrophe. Arab News talked to the women who took this step late in life about the problems they faced.


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